Best Quality of Aluminum Composite Panel China


ALUSIGN aluminum composite panel China is strictly selected from all kinds of best materials. The surface and bottom aluminum panels have undergone strict chemical processing.

All aluminium composite panel adopt double-coated double-bake and continuous hot-bonding composite technology. The product quality is stable and the performance index is excellent.

It has passed the National Building Materials Testing Center. Continuous testing is qualified, and the overall performance indicators meet the international superior product standards.

Aluminum composite panel 4×8

Upper/bottom aluminum panel thickness: 0.3/0.3mm, 0.4/0.4mm, 0.5/0.5mm
Length: 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 40000mm
Width: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Standard size: 1220x2440mm (4 feet by 8 feet)
Panel Thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm

ALUSIGN acm material features

ACP project images

Aluminum composite panel use for exterior building


Super Peel Strength: A new technology has been adopted to improve the peeling strength of the most critical technical index of aluminum-plastic curtain wall panels, and to improve the flatness and weather resistance of aluminum-plastic curtain wall panels.

Super weather resistance: PVDF coating based on Hylar5000 or Kynar500 has unique advantages in corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance, and it does not impair the beautiful appearance of the aluminum composite panel in hot sunlight or cold snow.

Lightweight and easy to process: The weight of aluminum composite wall panel is 5.6kg per square meter. Its superior constructionability can be cut, cut, planed and bent with simple woodworking tools. Various shapes such as curved shape and right angle can be used with the designer to make various changes. The installation is simple and fast, and the construction cost is reduced.

The coating is uniform and the color is varied: through the application of chemical conversion treatment and film technology, the adhesion between the coating and the metal is excellent, the color is uniform, the color is diverse, and the user has more space to choose, so that your personalization is achieved.

Easy maintenance: self-cleaning is good, even in some areas where the pollution is more serious, it only needs to be cleaned with a neutral detergent. After cleaning, the aluminum composite panel china will last for a long time.

Color coated aluminium composite panel China

ALUSIGN Color coated aluminum plastic composite board combines the roll coating technology with the digital color printing process. After pre-treatment of the surface of the aluminum sheet, such as degreasing, cleaning, and conversion film, high quality polyester or fluorocarbon coating is used for multiple painting and drying, bake, overprint wood or marble acp.

Chameleon aluminum composite panel

The smashing of the ALUSIGN chameleon fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is derived from the natural fine form that is incorporated. It is named for its variability in the color of the surface. The surface of the product can be bright and colorful with the change of light source and viewing angle. effect.

The decorative effect of chameleon aluminum plastic panel highlights the charm of the illusion, especially suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, commercial chain, exhibition advertisement, automobile 4S shop decoration and display in public places.

Antistatic aluminium composite panels

ALUSIGN Antistatic aluminum composite panels are special aluminum composite panels. The antistatic coating on the surface layer is beautiful, antibacterial and environmentally friendly.

It can effectively prevent dust, antifouling and antibacterial, solve various problems caused by static electricity, and is suitable for decorative materials of scientific research and production units such as medicine, electronics, food and cosmetics.


Best manufacturer of aluminium composite panel China

As a 16 year manufacturer of aluminum composite panel china, ALUSIGN adopts advanced production technology, implements scientific, systematic and automated production processes, and strives to improve every detail of production, making ALUSIGN become the world’s high grade metal curtain wall products.

Choose ALUSIGN, choose best quality of aluminium composite panel in China. If you need aluminum composite panel, please feel free to contact us or leave your contact here,we will contact you soon!

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