Sparkle Aluminum Composite Panel

Sparkle Aluminum Composite Panel Add Fascination to Architectural Design

Throughout history, mankind has had an enduring appreciation of color.‎ From the discovery of organic purple dyes before 1900 B.‎ C to the development of color TV and movies after 1900, the world we live in is saturated in color.‎ Color conveys emotion, it inspires and motivates. And now … Color has evolved. Sparkle acp panel celebrate the natural color shifts that occur in materials that affect everyday life: The subtle nuances and color contrasts found readily in nature, the glowing luster and sheen in modern metals and the color shifts found in today’s luxury goods.‎ Color adds fascination to the world, sparkling colors add fascination to architectural design.

Sparkle acp panel colors operate on the same principals as natural color shifting surfaces.‎ Depending upon the pigment type and viewing angle, different wave lengths of light are reflected back to the audience resulting in an ever-changing color gradient with iridescent highlights.‎ With their bright sparkling and shining effects, sparkling colors acp panel provide a subtle and elegant impression.

Why Choose Sparkle Aluminum Composite Panel

Sparkle acp panel is a perfect substitute of natural wood and HPL and it is made with top and bottom layer of aluminium coil and core material is LDPE and top surface is coated with PVDF coating, which is excellent in exterior application with 10 year warranty and bottom coating is polyester base. Alusign sparkling acp panel is good durability, impact resistance, moisture resistance, dent resistance, heat resistance, and weather resistance.

sparkling aluminum composite panel

Alusign Sparkle ACP Panel is nil expansion and contraction so it can be install without any gap in exterior as well interior application of the building. It is green building product its reduced energy uses in building and prevent our environment. For getting LEED certificate in any projects its contributes 2 LEED point.Below are the main features of sparkle acp which give you the reason to choose it.

  • Termite proof.
  • Water proof 100%.
  • C.N.C cutting possible.
  • Fungus proof.
  • Washable.
  • Excellent U.V resistance.
  • Wide range of texture and colour.
  • Easy to install.
  • Exterior and Interior application
  • Weather resistance.
  • Beautiful looks.
  • Sound/ Acoustic insulation.
  • 10 years warranty.
  • Green building products.


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Classic Sparkle ACP panel Colors

 Alusign offers truly unlimited colour. We cater for any custom
colours and, provide low minimum order quantities along with fast
turnaround times, these are classic colors for your reference.

sarkle acp panel

More Information You Might Interested

Total Thickness: 3 mm,4 mm
Coating: PVDF,PE
Standard Sizes: 1220mm x 2440mm,1220mm x 3050mm,1220mm x 3660mm
LDPE Core Thickness: 2.40,2.50
Black Coil Thickness: 0.25 mm,0.30mm
Front Coil Thickness: 0.25 mm,0.30mm
Thickness (mm): 3mm,4mm
Application: interior,exterior
Size: 8*4,10*4,12*4
Finish: Sparkle Finish
Usage: Interior,Exterior
Finishing: PVDF Coating
Warranty: 4 MM (0.50 – 10 Years) 3MM (0.25 – 7 Years)
Usage/Application: Interior & Exterior

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How Sparkle ACP Panel is Made

Sparkle aluminum composite panel is manufactured by bonding thin aluminum skins to both sides of a lightweight thermoplastic core. In the case of  materials, this core material can be either polyethylene or a proprietary mineral-filled, fire-retardant material in both cases, the standard product features aluminum skins 0.02″ (0.5mm) thick. Heavy-duty 0.32″ (0.8mm) skins are also available. The finished product is available in thicknesses of 3mm, 4mm or 6mm, with 4mm being the most commonly used. Standard panel dimensions are 50″ or 62″ wide and 146″ or 196″ long, with custom sizes also available.

sparkle acm panel

To protect and beautify the aluminum skin, Sparkle ACP Panel is finished with a primer system on both sides and a color coat on the outward-facing side. Some finishes also have an additional clear coat to enhance and preserve a special effect.

Where the Sparkle ACP Panel Can Be Used

The sparkle acp panel can be used in:

1) Constructional exterior curtain walls, Wall Panel are widely used in exhibition, stores, offices, banks, hotels, restaurants and apartments;
2) Decorative renovation for storey-added old buildings, facades, roofing;
3) Indoors decoration for interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, balconies and subway;
4) Advertisement board, display platforms, billboards and signboards;
5) Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels;
6) Raw materials in industrial purpose;
7) Material used for vehicle bodies, yachts and boat


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