Benefits Of Using ACP Panel On Exterior Walls


You probably see it every day, in supermarkets, shops, restaurants, office buildings etc.As one of the building materials frequently used in daily architectural decoration, aluminum composite material ( also called acp panel ) have been used more and more widely in recent years. However, do you know why more and more building exteriors wall are now decorated with acp  panels?

Compared with General Decorative Building Materials

As an international professional aluminum composite board manufacturer, Alusign pointed out that the exterior acp panel is a new type of decorative material. Compared with the general decorative building materials on the market, it is superior to traditional building materials. The acp panel is not a comparable product. It is a high-tech product.

In addtion, the acp panel uses a lot of advanced technology in its production process, which perfectly ensures the full performance of its material advantages. At the same time, the exterior aluminum composite board is still a compound. The acp panel can obtain many new advantages that are not found in the original component materials after compounding.

Composition of Aluminum Composite Panel

Aluminum composite panel is a multi-layer aluminum composite materials, the upper and lower layers are high-purity aluminum Alloy sheets, the middle is a non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core, and the surface has a decorative and protective coating. As a new aluminum composite material, aluminum composite panels are quickly favored by people for their economy, color diversity, convenient construction methods and excellent processing performance.

Composition of aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel is a multi-layer composite materials

  • Protective film
  • PVDF/PE coating
  •  Aluminum sheet
  •  Macromolecular lamination film
  • LDPE core (Nontoxic)
  • Macromolecular lamination film
  • Aluminum sheet with primer coating

The colors are colorful and highly decorative

acm material

The coating of the exterior aluminum composite board can be made into various colors, and the glass curtain wall is not inferior to the elegant stone curtain wall, and under the sunlight, the layer of the aluminum-plastic panel is both beautiful and dignified, and very Good to avoid light pollution, can be regarded as environmentally friendly building materials.

The Weight is Lower

Since the outer wall aluminum composite material is made of aluminum and a less dense plastic core material, its quality is smaller than that of glass with the same rigidity or the same thickness, if compared with stone. The quality is much smaller.

In addition to the above advantages, the exterior wall aluminum composite panel has the advantages of rich color, more convenient cleaning, low construction loss, moderate cost, simple construction method and convenient maintenance. Therefore, in the international building materials market, acp panels have always occupied an unshakable industry position and have been recognized and affirmed by people.

Alusign ACP Panel

Alusign aluminum composite panel can help you to make your building looks simple, modern, stylish, clean and economic. Do you have demand in acp material? Are you interested in our product? Alusign is a professional Chinese manufacturer for aluminum composite panel with 17 years history. We export aluminum composite panel to more than 80 countries, and cooperated with over 500 customers.

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