Marble Aluminum Composite Panel

About Marble Aluminum Composite Panel

The marble aluminum composite panel is usually made up of different materials including PVDF or polyester paint. The panels come with a unique coating technique which is used to make different lines on the surface of the panel. The panels cannot be only used in exterior wall décor, but it can also be equally utilized for interior decoration. People prefer Marble Aluminum Composite Panel because they are cheap, lightweight and durable.

marble acm panelThe main advantage of these panels is that they offer a broad range of colors and patterns. You can always choose the color and design of your choice to give an extra charm to your house.

There are visible stone lines on the panel that gives a subtle and natural appearance. The pattern is formed on the panel through high temperature baking. It gives the panel durability and long lasting finish. Usually, the aluminum foil thickness ranges from 0.08mm to 1.0mm. You can always alter the width to meet the requirements of your interior or exterior designs.


Why Choose Marble Aluminum Composite Panel


Rich color.

The appearance or texture of marble and granite aluminum composite panel is diversified. They are rich in color and the Long lasting color can keep not fade during their Long service life. It can not only adapt to the changing external wall decoration, but also can be chosen according to the planning requirements and the customer prefer. So it can really broaden the imagination space of planners. Except for the color, its appearance is also very smooth, no colour-difference in same direction, flatness is better and the field processing is also very good. It can easily deal with the external wall scale change caused by the site construction error,and also can shorten the installation period, and provide the conditions for cutting the Workshop processing cycle.

marble acp panel marble acp panel

Easy to process.

Aluminum composite panel is a good material for easy processing, and it is also an excellent product for the pursuit of high efficiency, which can reduces the cost of the construction period.

Super weather resistance

The PVDF coating based on HYLR5000 or KYNAR500 has a unique advantage in corrosion resistance and weather resistance, it has the beautiful appearance regardless of the hot summer or cold snow weather condition.

Ultra-high peel strength

Using the most advanced American dupont technology and materials, the key technical index of  aluminum composite panel is improved to an excellent state. Reached the domestic advanced level.


Marble ACP Panel Color Chat

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What Should We Pay Attention to When Buying Marble ACP Panels

  • Lookingwhether the surface of the aluminum composite panel is smooth and has no ripples, bubbling, defects or scratches.
  • Measuring whether the aluminum composite panel can meet international Inner wall panel 3mm, outer wall Board 4mm or above, and the thickness of aluminum must be 0.5mm.
  • Foldingthe corner of the acp material, if easily broken then it is not PE material and may have adulterated.
  • Burning intermediate material of aluminum composite panel, the real PE will burning completely, if there is impurity after burning, it indicatesthe acp panels may be adulterated.
  • Seeingwhether the front is broken When the groove bends
  • Droppingbutanone to identify the fluorocarbon coating on the exterior wall, wiping the reagent after 5 minutes to see if exposed
  • Requestingquality inspection report, mill test report and ISO-9002 International quality certificate from manufacturer. the factory which has all these certificate is legal manufacturer. It can Ensure product quality. Choose better quality in same price, choose better price in same quality.

marble acm panels

Application of Marble Aluminum Composite Panel

If you are looking for something that is pocket-friendly, environment-friendly and highly durable, then this is the product for you. Unlike marble panels, these aluminum composite panels do not fade, film off or quickly damage. Marble Aluminum Composite Panel can be used in exterior wall decoration, interior finish, furniture making, and other applications.

marble acp clading panel

Some of the typical applications of marble acp panels are:

  • Building exterior curtain walls of the buildings
  • For the Decoration and renovation of old buildings
  • The decoration of interior walls, ceilings, bathrooms, kitchens, and balconies.
  • Advertisement board displays platforms and signboards
  • Wallboard and ceilings for tunnels
  • Gas piping, cables, building materials, etc.
  • Materials for industrial application, car and ship bodies

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