Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

 Nano aluminum composite panel has the advantages of traditional fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel, such as peeling resistance, corrosion resistance, fading resistance. However, it is superior to the traditional fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel in many aspect such as stain resistance, self cleaning, acid and alkali resistance due to the  high-tech nano coating technology

Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

Excellent Self-cleaning Properties

When nano aluminum composite panel is compared to ordinary acp panels, we found that its surface has excellent self-cleaning properties. Usually after half an year, the ordinary aluminum composite panel wall surface pollution is serious due to dust and rain.

Especially when the poor quality assurance silicone sealant used in some projects have been immersed in rain for a long time, and a large amount of black ink is discharged from the joints, which is not only difficult to clean, but also seriously affects the appearance of the wall.

Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

Now the nano aluminum composite panel has greatly solved this problem. Because its tension of the coating is extremely low, which made the stain much difficult to attach. Thus, a small amount of dirt can be removed by rinsing with rain water, which can achieve self-cleaning effect. Which save the owner a lot of cleaning and maintenance costs each year.

Identification Method of Nano aluminum composite panel 

The simplest identification method of nano aluminum composite material is to apply oil-based pen to the surface. If there is no trace after wiping then must be nano acp panels, the scratches of ordinary aluminum composite panel are difficult to erase.


Nano aluminum composite panel characteristics





nano fluorocarbon coating



fluorocarbon coating


StructuralThe nano material resin is used, and the particle size is between about 0.03 μ and 0.01 μ, which is smooth and delicateThe surface coating particle size is finer than 0.0μ and the surface is smooth
Stain resistanceThe surface is fine and smooth, and air dust and oil are difficult to adhere and easy to clean.The dust particle size is similar to the coating particle size and is easy to adhere.
Self-cleaningThe surface particles are small, the surface tension is large, and the dust particles are easily taken away by the wind and water.The surface tension is small, the adhesion of dust and oil is large, and the water droplets move in a sliding manner, which is difficult to carry away from dust particles.

Scrubbing resistance



Wipe more than 10,000 times



Wipe it thousands of times


Weather resistanceAdopting the international leading “three-coat” technology, it has higher weather resistance and color protection layer. Nano-coating forms a protective film on the surface of the coating to prevent oxidation and aging of the coating. Warranty for 20 years。It adopts the traditional general “two-coat” technology and is guaranteed for 15 years.

Panel thickness: 3-6mm, recommended 4mm.
Board width: 1000-1575mm, recommended 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm.
Board length: up to 5800mm, recommended 2440mm, 3050mm, 4050mm

Nano Aluminum Composite Panel

Material selection

Aluminum panel substrate: high strength aluminum alloy coil
Core material: non-toxic low density polyethylene
Surface coating: fluorocarbon nano-coating

The principle of nano acm panels:

A self-cleaning protective layer is sprayed on the surface of the fluorocarbon coating, which can be separated from contaminants such as ash layer and decompose organic pollutants in the atmosphere to achieve self-cleaning effect.

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