Aluminum composite board selection skills


Simple method for identifying the quality of acp sheet from aluminum composite sheet suppliers

  • Aluminum skin thickness: If the aluminum thickness is 0.5mm, the actual measurement should be: aluminum thickness 0.5mm + fluorocarbon paint thickness 0.025mm = 0.525mm (total aluminum total thickness).
  • Fluorocarbon paint (PVDF): At least double coated, the surface scraped off a layer of paint and a layer of primer. Use a film thickness gauge to measure >0.025mm. Wipe with methyl ethyl ketone 200 times without exposure.
  • Polyester paint (PE):Use film thickness gauge to measure >0.016mm, wipe with methyl ethyl ketone 100 times without exposure.


Aluminum Composite Sheet Selection


  • Polymer adhesive film:the United States imported raw materials, tear open aluminum skin, will find, aluminum skin and aluminum plastic evenly distributed, fluffy white polymer, and tensile force > 7N / nm.
  • Soft plastic:translucent, folded aluminum composite panel, aluminum skin will break, but the plastic will not break, and can pull back and fold many times.
  • Protective film:double-layer film, 0.09mm thick, tear off the protective film, feel smooth.


acp sheet selection guide from aluminum composite sheet suppliers

  • Look: Whether the surface of the aluminum composite sheet smooth and smooth is the key point of purchase. Therefore, when purchasing, it must be seen whether the surface of the aluminum composite sheet is smooth, no ripple, no bubbling, no defects, no scratches.
  • Test: When purchasing aluminum composite panels, be sure to see if the thickness meets the requirements. If necessary, use a vernier caliper to measure it. The inner wall panel is 3mm, the outer wall panel is 4mm or more, and the aluminum has a thickness of 0.5mm. A magnet should also be prepared to check whether the selected plate is iron or aluminum.


Aluminum Composite Sheet Selection

  • Discount: In the process of purchasing aluminum composite Sheet, consumers can arbitrarily smash the corner of the aluminum composite panel. If it is easy to break, it means that it is not a PE material or a fake and shoddy material.
  • Combustion: You can burn it with a lighter that you carry with you. If the real PE should be completely burned, there will be impurities after burning with fake and shoddy materials.
  • Planing: When the groove is bent, see if the front side is damaged. When you purchase, you can take two aluminum composite panels samples and rub them together to see if they are off. The aluminum composite panels with good surface painting quality is imported hot-pressing process. The color of the paint film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and it is not easy to remove paint after scratching.
  • Drip: Butanone identifies the fluorocarbon coating on the exterior wall panel, and identifies the inner wall coating with xylene. After 5 minutes, wipe off the reagent to see if it is the bottom.
  • Come: ask the manufacturer quality inspection report, quality assurance, ISO-9002 international quality certification, these manufacturers are regular manufacturers, can guarantee product quality, the same price than quality, the same quality than the price.

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