Difference Between Acp Panel Ceiling and Aluminum Gusset Ceiling


Aluminum composite panel ceiling

The aluminum composite panel has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, long-lasting, light weight, high strength, strong temperature, good fire resistance, strong acid resistance, good sound insulation, easy maintenance, easy cleaning, low cost, good decorative effect, etc.

It is composed of aluminum layer and plastic layer on one side and double side. It is soft on one side and hard on both sides. Double-sided aluminum composite panel is commonly used in home decoration.

The common specification of aluminum composite panel is 1220*2440, which is usually 2.44m long and 1.22m wide. It can be used as a whole piece of ceiling. It can also be cut according to your own needs. It is more flexible when hanging some special-shaped tops.

In addition to the wide application of kitchen and bathroom ceilings, aluminum composite panel can also be used for door panels, door pockets, window coverings and furniture decorative panels.

acm panel details

Compared with aluminum clad plates, aluminum clad plates are more expensive than aluminum clad plates, and aluminum clad plates are relatively cheaper. It is recommended to use aluminum composite panels at home or in small areas. If used in large areas, the commercial atmosphere is too strong.

It is generally recommended that aluminum composite panels be used to decorate office buildings. Therefore, it is not recommended to use aluminum composite panels for large-scale decoration of home ceilings. It is recommended to use aluminum buckle panels.

In the purchase of aluminum gusset and aluminum composite panel, experts recommend choosing brand products. Brand products are relatively standardized in terms of quality and service, and are relatively guaranteed.

aluminum composite panel thickness

Aluminum gusset ceiling

Compared with traditional ceiling materials, aluminum alloy gussets are superior in texture and decoration.

The aluminum alloy gusset plate is divided into two types: the sound absorbing plate and the decorative plate. The sound absorbing plate has round holes, square holes, long round holes, rectangular holes, triangular holes, large and small combined holes, etc., which are characterized by good anti-corrosion and shockproof. Waterproof, fireproof, sound absorbing performance, smooth surface.

The bottom plate is mostly white or lead gray. The decorative board pays special attention to the decoration, the lines are simple and smooth, and the colors are bronze, gold, red, blue, milk white and so on.

Aluminum composite panel ceiling

According to the aluminum gusset process, there are three types of sprayed aluminum gusset plate, roller-coated aluminum gusset plate and coated aluminum gusset plate, which gradually increase the life consumption step by step and increase the performance. The normal consumption period of sprayed aluminum gusset plate is 5-10 years, the roller-coated aluminum gusset plate is 7-15 years, and the coated aluminum gusset plate is 10-30 years.

According to the shape, there are strips, squares, grids, etc., but the grid shape cannot be used for kitchen and bathroom ceilings; the maximum size of the rectangular board is 600mm*300mm, and the width of the general room is about 5 meters, the larger room The decoration is made of long strips, and the overall feel is stronger.

For the decoration of small rooms, 300mm*300mm is generally available. In order to make the ceiling look more beautiful, you can mix and match the two colors. The thickness of the aluminum gusset plate is 0.4, 0.6, 0.8 mm, etc.

The thicker the aluminum gusset plate is, the longer it is, and the longer the consumption time is. However, due to the poor thermal insulation performance of the metal plate, in order to obtain a certain sound-absorbing and heat-insulating function, when the metal plate is selected for the ceiling decoration, the heat-absorbing and sound-absorbing material such as glass wool or rock wool can be used to achieve the effect of heat insulation and sound absorption.

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