Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

About Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

We create our wooden aluminum composite panel (acp sheet) by applying a unique image transfer process over a color base coat. The result is natural coloring and grain patterns.

A clear top coat protects the natural wood appearance for enduring quality even when specified in outdoor applications exposed to harsh weather and cleaning chemicals.

We create these wooden finishes to ensure the natural look of wood will endure for decades with minimal maintenance.

wooden acp panel

Incorporate The Beauty of Wood in a Lightweight Aluminum Composite Material

The natural look of wood, without the weight, maintenance difficulties or expense. That’s what wooden finishes are all about.

“Wood is a long-standing traditional construction material, and the natural look of wood grains in cladding remains a sought-after design,” said Ben Branham, marketing manager.

“Installing natural wood as building cladding, however, can pose a maintenance challenge as exposure to the elements causes wood to deteriorate.

Durable Alusign Wooden finish acp panel now allows architects to incorporate the beauty of wood grains in a lightweight aluminum composite acp sheet that is long-lasting and easy to maintain.”

Wooden Aluminum Composite Panel

Environmental Friendly

The wooden aluminum composite panel specifically stresses the importance of having an environmental friendly product which makes the experience of buying even more useful.

As wooden panels represent nature which develops an interest in people in this specific product as all the necessary features are covered along with the exceptional look and feel of wood.

Perfect for Cladding Systems

Wooden coated acp sheet have been in high demand over the last few years; this is because of the fact that wooden coated panels present quite diverse options with consistent features.

Wooden aluminum composite panel are available in both our traditional core or our fire-retardant (fr) core. Easy to fabricate using standard tools, they provide the elegant look, rigidity, and feel of real wood at a fraction of the weight and without the need for weatherproofing maintenance.

These characteristics make our timber finishes perfect for cladding systems, modular buildings, fascia, accent bands, canopies, column covers, and signage. Browse our projects pages to see this remarkably natural-looking finish in a variety of installations around the world.

Wooden Aluminum Composite material Color Chart

Alusign offers truly unlimited colour. We cater for any custom
colours and, provide low minimum order quantities along with fast
turnaround times, these are classic colors for your reference.

Wooden Aluminum Composite material Color Chart

Wooden Finishes ACP Sheet Specifications

As far as the physical and chemical properties of wooden acp panels are concerned it has a variety of features that enables it to be among the best of flat panels. The thickness of the acp panel itself ranges from 2mm-6mm which makes it quite flexible when it comes to personal usage.

Moving on the width and length follow a similar course providing the buyer plenty of options, the standard accepted width is 1000mm which can be increased up to a maximum of 1575mm. Similarly length goes up to 6000mm which further provides buyers plenty of options to consider.

Price of Wooden ACP Sheet

Alusign is specialized manufacturer of aluminum composite panels in China. It’s located in Taixing City, Jiangsu Province, with over ten years’ efforts, our company was widely recognized in aluminum composite panels industry.

As you might know, China has the world’s largest aluminum mine, so the price of aluminum composite panel of our company have unique advantages compared to the factory in other countries. In addtion, we also have a relatively low labor cost.

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