Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

The Fantasic Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

The chameleon aluminum composite panel has a beautiful, metallic color, it make full use of the reflection, refraction and diffraction between light and matter to generate a wonderful color of nature. So the color of decoration face will be different with the change of light source and view angle.

Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

The chameleon aluminum composite panel has the features of beautiful,durable,light,high strength,strong temperature resistance, strong fire proof,strong acid-proof,strong sound insulation,easy care and easy clean. The color and shape of chameleon aluminum composite panel can be customized according to the customer’s requirement, and it can meet the originality design of designer so as to achieve perfect decoration effect.What’s more, it has low cost and good adornment effect. It has become the most popular new decoration material preferred by architect in recent years, and also has great competitiveness in many decorative plates.

Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

  • Optical: The chameleon aluminum composite panel uses optical elements, using the refraction, reflection, and diffraction of light. The observer will experience different sensory enjoyments as the angle of view changes.
  • Coating properties: The exterior wall aluminum composite panel surface coating of the chameleon aluminum composite panel is made of >70% fluorocarbon material and added to the new pearlescent mica material. Our colors include metallic and non-metallic colors. The interior of the series of The chameleon aluminum composite panel, PE coating is even more popular.
  • Color matching: The color of the the chameleon aluminum composite panel is based on the color of nature, and some new elements such as color and color depth are added to the dyeing effect.
  • Theme Sense: Different paint types have different effects on gloss and color. By using our products, you will deepen your impression of your work and highlight the theme.
  • Design: It can create the illusion of color and shape according to customers’ requirements, and can satisfy the designer’s original design and achieve perfect decoration effect.

Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel Specification

Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

Panel thickness: 3mm-6mm, recommend  4mm
Panel width: 1000mm-1575mm, recommend 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Panel length: any size, recommend 2440mm, 3050mm, 4050mm
Aluminum skin thickness: 0.30mm-0.50mm

Test Report

CoatingRequirementComposite PanelRequirement
Coating rididity≥2HLength Deviation≤2mm
Adhesive ForceCross-Cut Method Level 0Width Deviation≤1mm
Coating Flexibility≤2TThickness Deviation≤0.1mm
Durability≥5L/μmDiagonal Deviation≤3mm
Boiling Water ResistanceNo change after 2 hoursEdge Nonstraightness≤1mm/m
Alkali ResistanceNo changeAngularity≤5mm/m
Acid ResistanceNo changeAreal Density2.88kg/m2
Solvent ResistanceNo changeBending Strength≥60Mpa
Washing ResistanceNo change after 10000 timesFlexural Modulus≥15000Mpa
Through Resistance≥5KN
Shear Strength≥20Mpa
180 Peeling Strength≥5N/mm
Thermal Shock ResistanceNo Change


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Chameleon Aluminum Composite Panel

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