ACP Panel in Sign Board

What is The Thickness demand Of ACP Panel in Sign board

The upper and lower aluminum composite panel shall have a thickness of antirust aluminum no less than 0.20mm, and also the total thickness shall be not less than 4mm. Fluorocarbon coating or polyester coating is mostly utilized in the coating.

ACP Panel in Sign Board

The construction technology of ACM Panels in Sign Board

1. Line Of Discharge
Fix the frame on the most structure, and position the frame to the bottom.
Check the standard of the most structure before discharging the road.

2. The Connectors Of The Fixed Frame
Welding the connectors and fixing the frame on the column of the most structure.

3. Fixed Frame
The installation of the frame is correct and also the combination is powerful. once finishing it, it has to be inspected.

ACP Panel in Sign Board

The center line and also the surface commonplace are high. so as to confirm the installation accuracy of the plate, it’s necessary to attach the vertical frame bar of the beam and handle at the section of the variable section properly.

4. The Installation Of Aluminum Composite Panel

The installation and fixing of the Al plastic composite panel should be reliable and convenient to try to to.

The gap between the plate and also the plate ought to be treated internally with core propulsion Al rivets. Rubber rings should be cushiony within the center. the gap of the core rivets is controlled among the 100mm-150mm. Then creating it swish.

Once finishing the installation of the Al plastic composite panel, it has to cowl protection with sheet or different materials in some components, that are simple to soil.

ACP Panel in Sign Board

What’s the Price Of Aluminum Composite Panel Coating For Decorative Sign Board?

The coating of aluminum composite panel that utilized in the normal ornamental sign board is mostly fluorocarbon coating. Sign board fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels are usually used as curtain wall materials within the trade.

his value can vary to the ranking of the most important brands, which can be higher or not up to this vary. in line with the thickness and quality of aluminum, the worth is of course totally different. however typically speaking,  the price is naturally different, as a result of it’s sure quality assurance.

Available Colors

We can produce all colors on all professional color cards

Specifications and Sizes

Aluminum skin thickness: 0.04mm-0.21mm
Total panel thickness: 3mm(for signage)
Width:1000mm,1200mm,1220mm(regular),1250mm,1500mm,1550mm, 1575mm,2000mm(maximum)
Length: Up to 11500mm
Standard size: 1220mm(Width) ×2440mm(Length)
Non-standard sizes and special colors are available depending on customers’ offers

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