ACP Panel in External Architecture

Main functions of building exterior wall materials

The decoration of the building is to make the building both beautiful and improve the durability of the building.These effects are achieved by decorating the materials on the surface of the building.To sum up, the main function pf cladding material are below.

Architecture is a Kind of Art.

Its appearance is mainly reflected by the color of the material and the appearance, proportion and virtual reality of the whole building. The texture, line shape and color of the exterior wall decoration materials will affect the building to varying degrees. Appearance effect refers to the texture of the material. The thickness and unevenness of the surface of the material make it absorb and reflect different degrees of light, so it can produce different sensory effects. For example, painted, ceramic tiles, natural flowers Granite plates, glass curtain walls, aluminum alloy decorative panels etc.

External Architecture

All have different appearances with different textures. Small pieces of glass mosaic, different sizes of exterior wall tiles, large pieces of stone are in different sizes or sizes. The contrast of size plays a decorative effect. Color is an important factor that constitutes the appearance of a building and even affects the surrounding environment. Colored glass mosaic, glazed tiles, stained glass curtain wall, color coated enamel and other colored decorative materials can be obtained through clever application. Good visual effect.

External Architecture

Improving the durability of buildings

The outer wall of the building is in direct contact with the natural environment, and it is exposed to natural conditions such as sunlight, wind and rain for a long time. It is also affected by corrosive gases and microorganisms. The environment has an impact on the durability of the building.

In addition to the appropriate color of the wall decoration material to set off and smash the building, it is more important that these materials have good durability so that the building can be dignified and not affected by natural conditions. When the exterior wall is paved with decorative materials, the decorative effect will be avoided, and the influence of environmental factors on the structural layer of the building will be avoided, and the durability of the building will be improved and the service life will be extended.

exterior wall cladding

Aluminum Composite Panels Application in External Architecture

Aluminum composite panels is a new type of high grade exterior wall decoration material, which is solemn and beautiful. Aluminum composite panels have been in China for nearly 10 years, and their development speed is very rapid. Many characteristics of Aluminum composite panels are compared with traditional architectural decoration materials.It not only has the practicality of light weight, noise, fireproof, waterproof, weatherproof, high strength, easy installation and construction, but also has beautiful decoration.

China’s aluminum composite panels industry began in the early 1990s, Alusign is the leading acp material manufacturer in China. The company was established in 1993 and started to be limited to a few prosperous big cities. With the development of the decoration industry, it soon became available nationwide.

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