Simple and Economical Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel Shop Door


The doorway design of the store is very abstract and post-modern. The store uses aluminum composite panel. The aluminum plastic panels have multiple cut surfaces and are uniquely designed to capture the eye.

The doorway design of the store is very abstract and post-modern. The store chooses aluminum composite panel. The aluminum composite panel has multiple cut surfaces. The design is unique and eye-catching. The aluminum-plastic panel has low cost but good visual effect. It has two doors at the door. Next to it is a simple soil with green bamboo, which is fresh and clean. The dark brown aluminum-panel is inlaid with bright, illuminated signs, shining in the dark and attracting people’s attention.

The size of the store is large, imposing, stylish and modern, and the simple and clean design is pleasing to the eye. There is a smooth light brown tile on the ground in front of the store, and a large glass plane is installed on the ceiling. The white metal material is used as a frame to cover the wind and wind, thus providing convenience for customers. In the front of the store, the design uses a large area of ​​black aluminum composite sheet. The design is simple, with a white logo on it, and the color is bright and beautiful.

The petty-bourgeois design of the coffee shop is very popular among urban white-collar workers. The coffee shop covers a large area. The interior of the room has orange-red diagonal square tiles with neat seats. The front wall of the store is covered with light brown aluminum composite sheets, and various posters and photos are posted on it, reflecting the diversity of the store and the rich humanistic emotions. There is a large area of ​​floor-to-ceiling windows in front of the store, and a row of neat and verdant plants on the bottom, and the sun is fresh.

The design of the storefront is more orthodox and atmospheric. At the top of the room is a wooden material with a signboard in the middle of the lamp. In front, there are brown tiles of different colors. The wall in front of the door is covered with a large area of ​​light brown aluminum composite panel, and the large scale floor-to-ceiling windows on the side make the interior decoration and display more clear. The white sticker on the glass is attached to the signature food of the storefront. The indoor cleaning is spotless, clean and atmospheric, giving a relaxed and pleasant feeling.

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