Aluminum Composite Panel Price


The aluminum composite panel price is comparable to the price of other panels, and the acp panel prices are influenced by their own materials, properties, specifications, sizes and aluminum prices on the market. However,the price of a high quality aluminum composite panel is between a few hundred yuan, and the price of a lower quality aluminum composite panel is about tens of yuan or around one hundred yuan.

 Aluminum Composite Panel Price

Aluminum Composite Panel Specifications

Among the aluminum composite panel selling in the international market, many of them has different size, which is determined by the different specifications. So what are the main specifications of aluminum composite panels ?

According to the fire resistant performance of the acp panels, it can be dividend into ordinarily acp panels and fire resistant acp panels. Besides, the fire resistant acp materials can also be dividend into A Class fireproof and B Class fireproof.

The common specifications of the aluminum composite panel


The standard length is 2440. It can also be customized according to customer requirements, such as 2000, 3000, 3200 etc.the length is generally not limited but requires convenient transportation. The unit is mm.

 Aluminum Composite Panel Price


The standard width is 1220. There are also 1000, 1250, 1500, 1750 etc.The unit is also mm. Minimum thickness is 1, generally the thickest is 4mm, less than 4mm is generally used indoors. The unit is mm. The length and width of the acp panels can also be agreed between the supplier and the buyer.

Mark code

common type, code G; flame retardant type, code FR; fluorocarbon resin coated decorative surface, codenamed FC.

Marking method

mark according to the product name, classification, decorative surface, specification size, aluminum thickness and standard number of the curtain wall panel.

Marking example

fire resistant aluminum composite panel with a specification of 2440mm×1220mm×4mm, aluminum thickness of 0.50mm and fluorocarbon resin coating on the surface. Marked as aluminum composite panel for building curtain wall FRFC2440×1220 ×40.50GB/T17748-200×.

 Aluminum Composite Panel Price

Aluminum Composite Panel Price

Aluminum composite panel market price (the below information comes from the network, for reference only)
Brand: Yikang, plastic material,  market price is around 300 RMB.
Brand: Lehua, model 1220x2440x4, market price is around 320 RMB.
Brand: Alusign acp panel, market price is around 60-150 RMB.

By reading this article you might have an answer for aluminum composite panel, the price is not the same, which is related to its brand and quality. you can choose the most suitable price according to your demand and budget.

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