Anti-static Aluminum Composite Panel


Anti-static aluminum composite panel

Many laboratory ceilings now use aluminum composite panels. Due to the special nature of the laboratory, the requirements for aluminum composite panels are stricter. The minimum requirement is to require anti-static. Nowadays, the laminated aluminum composite panel on the market will produce a certain amount of static electricity, and it is not ideal in dustproofing, it is easy to get dust, and it is not easy to clean.

The aluminum composite panel ceiling in the laboratory must be rolled and coated with aluminum alloy sheet. Roll-coated aluminum composite panels adopts nano anti-static technology, which is dustproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof and easy to clean. It is the best quality product in the aluminum composite panels industry. It is not only used in laboratories, but also widely used in factories, hospitals, and research institutions.

For the laboratory, some chemical gases and static particles are often generated, so the ceiling must be made of a highly anti-static roller-coated aluminum composite panel ceiling.

The production process of anti-static aluminum composite panel is basically the same as that of aluminum alloy sheet. The surface treatment of aluminum composite panel should be treated with anti-static paint and treated by special spraying process to achieve anti-static effect.

Application range:

It is used in various anti-static and sterile living places, such as hospitals, computer rooms and other aseptic high-demand environment places, meets environmental protection requirements, and improves the quality of life and production environment.

Anti-static aluminum composite panel has the following characteristics:

1. High fire performance
The heartwood of the fire-resistant aluminum composite panel uses flame retardant MG0H, NAOH and other incombustible materials and PE polymer. Among them, high-performance coupling agent is used, which has high-efficiency fireproof performance and easy processing.

2. Super weather resistance
The PVDF coating based on HYLR5000 or KYNAR500 has unique advantages in corrosion resistance, pollution resistance and weather resistance, and it does not impair the beautiful appearance in hot sunlight or cold snow.

3. Ultra high peel strength
Using the most advanced technology and raw materials, the peeling strength of the most important technical index of aluminum composite panel has been improved to an excellent state, exceeding the national standard by more than 50%, ranking the domestic leading level. At the same time, the flatness of the aluminum composite panel is correspondingly improved.

4. Impact resistance
The plastic sheet is compounded by high temperature, adopting polymer film, balcony paint, southwest aluminum, strong impact resistance, high toughness, and bending without damaging the topcoat. It will not be caused by sandstorm in areas where wind and sand climate is more common. The damage situation.

5. Uniform coating and various colors
Imported chemical and coating lines, control all processes, have a stable quality system, aluminum coils are processed by chemical processing and film technology, which makes coating and metal have better adhesion, uniform color, various colors, user choice big space.

6. Easy maintenance
Self-cleaning is good, even in some areas where the pollution is more serious, it only needs to be cleaned with a neutral detergent, and the plate will be restored as new after cleaning.

Production Process

Production process of aluminum composite panel: Continuous heat-bonding composite wire is the key equipment for forming aluminum composite panel. Its function is to firmly bond aluminum, PE core material and polymer film under the action of continuous high heat and high pressure to form a flat surface.



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