Why choose nano PVDF aluminium composite material?


The nano fluorocarbon aluminium composite material has the superior performance of the traditional fluorocarbon (PVDF) aluminum composite panel.

At the same time, the high-tech nano-coating technology is used to make it superior to the traditional fluorocarbon aluminum-plastic composite panel in many properties such as stain resistance, self-cleaning property, acid and alkali resistance, etc.

What is nano pvdf aluminium composite material?

Nano coated aluminium composite material are a new type of material prepared by combining nanomaterials with surface coating technology. Nano composite coatings can be obtained by using existing coating techniques to add nanomaterials to the properties of the coating.

Nano coated acp aluminum composite panel are coatings made from organic-inorganic compounds based on nanochemical principles.

The material is generally colorless and transparent. It reacts on the surface to be coated to form an ordered structure of nano-layer thickness. By selecting its internal components, the coating has extremely low surface vigor and hydrophobic, oleophobic and sewage characteristics.

Principle of nano pvdf coating

1.Coating the material to the surface and the solvent begins to evaporate

2.The colloid begins to form and the particles undergo a preliminary self-organization of the surface.

3.Temperature treatment to make nanomaterials self-organized on the surface.

Advantages of nano acp aluminum composite panel

Nano material coatings have widely varying optical properties. Its optical transmission spectrum extends from the ultraviolet to the far infrared.

Coating the surface of the product with nano-material coating can reduce the transmission and heat transfer of light and produce heat insulation. Adding nano-materials to the coating can play a role in flame retardant, heat insulation and fire prevention.

1.Maintaining the advantages of the original fluorocarbon acp aluminum sheet, PVDF coating has advantages in pollution resistance, corrosion resistance and non-fading.

2.Excellent water repellency, it is not easy to produce dirt on the surface, using natural rainwater to achieve self-cleaning effect.

3.Excellent oxidation resistance, resistance to foreign acid, alkali, solvent, detergent, making it difficult to stick to the surface

4.Apply to the surface with an oily pen, no trace after wiping.

Application of nano acp panels

Nano aluminum composite material coating can improve the corrosion protection ability of the substrate to achieve surface modification and decorative purposes.

Adding nanoparticles to paints or coatings can further improve its protective ability, and it can resist atmospheric and ultraviolet rays, thereby achieving anti-degradation and anti-discoloration effects.

In addition, it is also possible to use nano-material coatings in building materials, such as sanitary ware, indoor space, appliances, etc., to produce sterilization and cleaning effects.

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