How to clean the sticker on the acp composite panel?


In recent years, in the field of architectural decoration in the world, the acp composite panel curtain wall has won a good industry development due to its many advantages.

Relevant industry sources pointed out that the aluminum composite panel cleverly utilizes the mechanics of the I-shaped structure and subtly imparts its unique mechanical properties.

In addition, the aluminum composite panel is composited under high temperature conditions, and the aluminum sheet of the aluminum sheet is under a certain tension state throughout the processing.

After the molding is cooled, due to the difference in shrinkage between the vertically symmetrical aluminum plate and the core material, the plate is stable in internal stress and has good rigidity.

However, during the actual use of the aluminum composite cladding , some users have reported that the sticker cannot be removed on acp aluminum. Here is a brief introduction to the removal of aluminum plastic composite stickers. I believe it will help you.

The nature and characteristics of stickers

If you want to clean the sticker on acp panel, then let’s first understand what is a sticker, what is the nature and characteristics of the sticker:

Sticker is also called self-adhesive label material. It is a composite material with paper, film or special material as the fabric, adhesive on the back and silicone coated paper as the base paper.

The sticker is most afraid of hot friction and high temperature, so it is easy to clean off of the self-adhesive after you know the nature and characteristics. Here are some ways to deal with different situations.

How to clean the sticker on acp composite panel?

1.A small area of self-adhesive is directly fixed with a drawing eraser, but it must be ensured that the eraser is clean so that it does not stain the surface of the aluminum-plastic panel.

2.If it is a large area of self-adhesive, after using the rubber, use a clean soft cloth to pick up the gasoline or alcohol wipe the surface of the aluminum-plastic board , and it is easy to remove the sticker.

3.There is another method that is slower, but it can make acp panel clean. Use a clean towel or a soft cloth to pick up warm water or hot water. Repeat the rubbing several times at the glue to soften the glue. Put the towel in the towel (or detergent or detergent) and wipe it repeatedly at the glue; finally wipe the soap with a warm towel.

4.Besides, some self-adhesive scavengers can be purchased on the market, usually in car beauty shops. Buy something called “tar, asphalt cleaner”, spray bottle, you can wash off the stickers.

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Using the above four methods, it is possible to clean off the aluminum-plastic panel on the aluminum-plastic panel. At the same time, the use of aluminum composite panels can be better guaranteed.

The cleaning of stickers is relatively simple and convenient. You don’t need too many items. If you have sticky stickers in other places in your life, you can use this method to clean them up.

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