Why is the aluminum cladding panels peeling off?


Have you ever encountered the quality problem of aluminum cladding panels peeling off? Are you still worried about the quality problem the use of aluminum composite panels?

As a leader aluminum composite panel industry in China. After many years of analysis, Alusign has summarized some reasons for aluminum composite panel peel off.

Composition and characteristics of aluminum composite panel

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Aluminum cladding panel is a new type of material which has been surface-treated and coated with an aluminum panels as a surface, and polyethylene and polypropylene plastic are mixed as a core layer.

Because the aluminum plastic composite panel is a composite panel composed of metal and plastic materials, it not only retains the main characteristics of aluminum and polyethylene plastics, but also overcomes their disadvantahes, and thus obtains many excellent material properties, such as colorful decorative, Fire resistance; light, easy to process, easy to handle and other features

The production of aluminum cladding panels are very simple for laymen, but in fact it is a new product with high technical content, so there is a certain technical difficulty in the quality control of aluminum composite panels.The following Alusign will tell you why is the aluminum composite panels peeling off?

The problem of aluminum sheet

Although this is a problem that is easily overlooked, it has been reflected in the quality of aluminum composite panels. On the one hand, it is a heat treatment process of aluminum, and on the other hand, some producers do not control the quality when using recycled aluminum.

Problem of aluminum plate pretreatment

The pretreatment of the aluminum plate is directly related to the composite quality of the aluminum composite panel. The aluminum plate is first cleaned to remove surface oil impurities, etc., so that a dense chemical layer is formed on the surface to facilitate good bonding of the polymer film.

However, some manufacturers do not control the temperature, concentration, treatment time, and processing liquid update of the treatment liquid during the pretreatment process, which affects the cleaning quality. These will inevitably lead to poor quality of the aluminum composite panel, low or unstable 180° peel strength.

Problem of plastic core

Because the bond between polymer film and polyethylene is better than other plastics, and the price is good, it is non-toxic and easy to process. Therefore, a good aluminum cladding panels core material are made of polyethylene.

In order to reduce the cost, some small manufacturers use PVC with poor bonding effect and deadly toxic gas as composite core, or mix polyethylene with recycled material.

This will result in a different composite temperature due to the difference in the type and age of the polyethylene, so that the composite quality is unstable.

Polymer film is a kind of bonding material with special properties, which is the main factor affecting the quality of composite.

The polymer film is bonded to the metal on one side and to the polyethylene on the other side, and the properties on both sides are completely different.

fireproof aluminum composite material

Fireproof aluminum composite panel is an upgraded version of aluminum composite panels


The prices of materials vary widely. The material that blends with the aluminum plate needs to be imported and is expensive. The material blended with polyethylene can be produced domestically.

Therefore, some aluminum composite panel manufacturers use polyethylene blends in large quantities to cut corners.

The use of polymer membranes is directional, and the front and back sides cannot be replaced. The polymer film is a self-coating film, and incomplete melting leads to pseudo-composite.

In the early stage, the strength is high and the time is long. Because of the weathering, the strength will be reduced, and even the phenomenon of bubbling or opening of the glue will occur.

There are many factors affecting the quality of aluminum composite panels. Every detail cannot be ignored. I hope that the above analysis will help you to further understand the relevant information of the aluminum cladding panels industry. If you need more information, please check out my other posts.

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