What are the benefits of acp material compared with other materials?


marble acm panel

Compared with logs&stone decorative plates

The aluminum composite roll-coated tread plate makes people naturally think that it is a composite material, which is a Imitation of wood and stone. What are the benefits compared with real logs and stone decorative plates?

For Price

Although the prices vary from place to place, it is not easy to cite specific prices, but in general, the price of ACP panels is lower than that of wood and marble, and there is a clear advantage in the price. The market is bound to be competitive.

For Weight

The slate is heavy and difficult to handle, install and disassemble. The larger the project, the higher the floor, the more difficult it is. On the other hand, it is easy to be broken during transportation and construction, while the aluminum-plastic panel is easy to handle, install and disassemble. Because of the characteristics of easy transportation, design and construction units should make their own choices from their own considerations.

For Environmental Protection

Aluminum composite panel

The roller is coated with wood grain and stone, and the aluminum is replaced by wood. The aluminum can be reused. The plastic for making aluminum-plastic plate can be recycled. This is a public welfare product that benefits the environment and benefits the children. It is in line with the main theme of the national construction of a conservation-oriented society. It is more direct to adjust the product structure of the industry and cultivate the big theme of circular economy. It also responded to the call of the United Nations (UNEP) for “smart use of the earth’s natural resources for sustainable development”.

For Pattern

Roller wood grain, stone pattern color is endless, can not be used without restrictions on supply, while wood grain, stone color is limited, often relatively unsatisfactory.

wooden acp sheet

Compared with aluminum single veneer

The most commonly used metal plate curtain wall is aluminum single veneer and aluminum composite panel. The aluminum veneer is the earliest used, and then the aluminum composite panel appears. So what is the difference between materials and cost in ACP panels and aluminum single veneer?

1. Aluminum composite board generally adopts 3-4mm three-layer structure, including two upper and lower 0.5mm sandwiched with PVC or PE.

2. Aluminum veneer generally adopts 2-4mm thick AA1100 pure aluminum veneer or AA3003 and other high quality aluminum alloy plate. Generally, 2.5mm thick AA3003 aluminum alloy plate is used in China.

We can see from the material that the cost of aluminum composite panels is definitely much lower than that of aluminum veneers.

The main differences between aluminum composite panels and aluminum veneer are as follows:

Different layers

The aluminum composite panel is three layers, the surface and the third layer are all aluminum skin, the middle is plastic, the aluminum veneer is two layers, the surface is aluminum skin, the second layer is plastic, that is, the aluminum veneer is one layer less than the aluminum composite plate. Aluminum skin.

Different quality

The aluminum composite panel has a layer of aluminum skin than the aluminum panel, so the quality of the ACP panel is much better than that of the aluminum panel.

Aluminum Veneer

Different prices

The price of aluminum composite panel is much higher than the price of aluminum veneer. The ACP panel is divided into different grades according to the thickness of the aluminum skin and the quality of the intermediate plastic, and the aluminum veneer is positioned at a low level.

Different construction effects

The aluminum composite panel can be slotted and bent, and the turning construction is suitable for various occasions. The aluminum single veneer can not be slotted and bent, because the plastic bonding effect of the bottom is not as good as that of the ACP panels.

ACP panels are many times stronger than aluminum veneers in terms of price or range of application.

aluminum veneers