How Much is 3mm Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel?


mirror acm panel


Aluminum composite panel is a composite material of the surface of the coated aluminum sheet which is chemically treated with polyethylene plastic as the core material, and then processed on professional production equipment.Mirror aluminum composite panels are a special surface treatment in aluminium composite panels. There are generally two surface treatment methods, one is the more common coating treatment, and the other is anodizing.

3mm Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel Surface Finish


mirror acm panelThe coating treatment refers to coating various decorative coatings on the surface of the aluminum sheet 3mm, and the fluorocarbon and polyester coatings are commonly used for coating the decorative aluminium composite panel.Mainly including metallic, pearlescent, matt and high glossy colors, it has a decorative effect and is the most common variety in the market.

Anodizing refers to the plating of a layer of dense alumina on the surface of aluminum and aluminum alloys to prevent further oxidation, the chemical properties of which are the same as alumina. However, unlike ordinary oxide films, anodized aluminum can be dyed by electrolytic coloring.

Anodizing can significantly improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum alloy, improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of aluminum alloy, and have good decorative properties after proper coloring treatment.Aluminum and its alloy anodized film coloring technology can be divided into three types:

1. Chemical dyeing uses the porosity and chemical activity of the oxide film layer to adsorb various pigments to color the oxide film. According to the coloring mechanism and process, it can be divided into organic dye coloring, inorganic dye coloring, color paste printing, color dyeing and achromatic dyeing and so on.

2.Electrolytic coloring is an alternating electrolysis of aluminum and its alloy in an aqueous solution containing a metal salt to deposit a metal, a metal oxide or a metal compound at the bottom of the porous layer of the oxide film due to the scattering effect of the electrodeposit on the light, it present a variety of colors.

3.Electrolytic overall coloring means that aluminum and its alloys are colored while anodizing, which is characterized by oxidation and coloring in one step, and the colored film has good light resistance, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance.

3mm Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel Colors


Gold/silver mirror aluminum composite panels are very commonly used in interior and exterior wall decoration, and can also be used in different colors according to customer requirements.

Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel

Specification of Aluminum Composite Panel


Panel Thickness3mm, 4mm, 5mm
Panel Width1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Panel Length2440mm, 3000mm, 5000mm
Standard Size1220*2440mm

Features of Mirror Aluminum composite Panel

1.Ultra high peel strength

Using advanced technology and raw materials, the key technical index of aluminum composite panel — peeling strength, has been improved to an excellent state, exceeding the national standard by more than 50%, ranking the leading domestic level. At the same time, the flatness of the aluminum plastic composite panel is correspondingly improved.

2.Impact resistance

3mm composite panel is subjected to high-temperature compounding, has high impact resistance, high toughness, and is not damaged by the topcoat. In the areas where the wind and sand climate is more common, there is no damage caused by sandstorm.

3.Lightweight and easy to process

The weight of 3mm aluminium composite panel is between 3.5-5.6kg per square meter, which can alleviate the hazard of earthquake disasters and is easy to handle. Its superior and convenient and quick construction can cooperate with designers to make various shapes and reduce construction costs.

How Much 3mm Mirror Aluminum Composite Panel?

Mirror aluminium composite panels can be divided into many specifications according to their application. Different specifications have different prices. Generally, the interior use 3mm, the exterior use 4mm, and the aluminum thickness is at least 0.3 mm. The price of gold mirror and silver mirror is different, if you need More detailed price lists can be contacted or online, we will provide you with the latest price list.


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