What is ACM Material


Brief Introduction of ACM Material

What is ACM material ? ACM material is a new type of decorative material that dedicated to outdoor construction and indoor decoration. With a relative cheaper price, a wide range of colors, convenient construction, excellent fireproof features and high quality, the acm panel attract designers’ attention soon as they entered into the market.

After a rapid development period, the acm sheet nowadays can be seen everywhere in daily lives, like outer building wall, curtain wall, the renovation of buildings and advertisement signboard and so on.

ACM Material

What is ACM Material Composition?

ACM material is composed of multiple layers of composite materials, the upper and lower layers for high purity aluminum alloy board, the middle for non-toxic low-density polyethylene (PE) core board; its front also pastes a layer of protective film.

For outdoor, the front of the acm material is coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) coating, and for indoor, the front can be coated with non-fluorocarbon resin coating.

As for materials, acp panels consists of both metal and non-metal materials, with which it can not only retain main characteristics of original materials, aluminum metal and nonmetallic polyethylene plastics, but also can overcome weaknesses. Thus, it enjoys a number of excellent properties that can’t be found in other materials, like lightweight, convenient construction and corrosion-resistant feature.

ACM Material


What is ACM Material Main Series?

There are so many kinds of acm material and different occasions apply different panels, to make people clearer about this panel, the product could be categorized as following in terms of uses, functions and decoration effect.

What is ACM Material Uses?

1. acm material for building curtain wall

The minimum thickness of upper panel and lower panel is no less than 0.50mm, and the total thickness is no less than 4mm. The aluminum materials are qualified for GB/T 3880 standard. In general, the 3000-series and 5000-series are suitable for this field. The coating should adopt fluorocarbon resin.

 2. acm material for outer decoration and advertisement

Aluminum should be rust-proof and the thickness of upper panel and lower panel is no less than 0.20mm. The total thickness is no less than 4mm. The coating should adopt fluorocarbon or polyester.

3. acm material for indoor use

The upper and lower aluminum plates generally adopt aluminum plates with a thickness of 0.20mm and a minimum thickness of not less than 0.10mm. The total thickness is generally 3mm. The coating adopts polyester or acrylic.

 ACM Material

What is ACM Panels Features?

1. Fire-proof

Acm material adopts flame retardant core materials, the combustion performance reaches non-combustible (class B1) or non-combustible (class A);

2. Antibacterial Mouldproof

Painting the antibacterial and bactericidal coating on the acm material makes it control microbial reproduction and ultimately kill bacteria;

3. Antistatic

Antistatic acm material is made of antistatic coating, therefore it is not easy to produce static electricity and dust in the air is also not easy attached on the surface.

ACM Material color

What is ACM material decoration effect?

>> decorative coating

Painting colorful fluorocarbon, polyester, acrylic on the surface of the panel plays a decorative role.

>> oxidized colors

After oxidation process, the panel will show rose-bengal and bronze colors.

>> paster decoration 

By using adhesives, paint adhesives on the primer aluminum or directly to the degreased aluminum.

>> color printing

Different patterns are printed by advanced computer phototypesetting technology, and various imitation natural patterns are printed by color ink on transfer paper.

>> wire drawing

Use the aluminum alloy face plate that surface has wiredrawing processing to bring different visions to people.

>> acm material for mirror

The surface of the aluminum alloy panel is polished like a mirror.


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