Future Development of Aluminum Composite Panel Industry


In the past decades, the scales of aluminum composite panel have showed constant increase in both China and abroad. In China, the annual net profit in 2008 has achieved around 1.8 billion yuan, with the annual sales of around 20 billion yuan. And the production scales have reached 220,000,000 square meters, leading the world, accounting for more than 80 percent of the world’s total production. China has become the largest producer, consumer and importer of acp panels in global.

Future Development of Aluminum Composite Panel Industry

China has witnessed a great increase of exports of aluminum composite panel in recent years. Until 2008, we have exported to more than 103 countries and regions, including some developing countries, with total annual sales of over 650,000,00 square meters.

Future Development of Aluminum Composite Panel Industry


>> Existent problems

Considering it is easy to process, it can be processed by manual operations or by professional cutting tools; therefore, there are common standardized operations in making the acp panels.

Compared to aluminum honeycomb panel, the acm material is cheaper and economic, however, owing to fierce competition and blind price squeezing, many producers choose to cheat on workshop and materials to give a lower and more competitive price.

Aluminum Composite Panel Industry

>> How to solve the problems

1. Step up market supervision and regulation. Producers should producethe products in accordance with official standards.

2.Set up strict process specifications and acceptance criteria of acp panels.

3.Regulate reasonable market price to guarantee high quality.

>> Development tendency  

Overall, the future of aluminum composite panel is bright, for it is more and more used in social life and construction area with obvious advantages.


Notices When Using Aluminum Composite Panel

Storage: it should be stored in a dry and ventilated place and flat on the flat surface, do not trample, and impact.

Move: it should be lifted at the same time the four sides of the boardand is strictly prohibited to push, pull, and extract, so as not to scratch the board.

Slotting: when slottingby slotting machine or gongs machine, the operator should use a semicircular head type milling cutter greater than 90 degrees. Under the knife, neither too deep injury and aluminum plate, also do not make too shallow folding difficulties, should be left with 0.2-0.3mm thick plastic core material together with aluminum plate bending, in order to increase the strength and toughness, otherwise in the bending of the aluminum plate may break or film burst.

Aluminum Composite Panel Industry

Edge bending: when bending, force should be even, one molding, do not repeatedly bending; otherwise the aluminum plate may fracture.

Arc processing: arc processing should use special bending equipment processing, slowly force, so that the plate gradually reach the required surface.Do not bend at one time.

Installation direction: when the same color aluminum plastic board is installed in the same plane, the flow direction should be consistent; otherwise it may create visual color difference.

Film tearing: tear the protective film within 45 days after the installation of the aluminum plastic plate, otherwise it may be difficult to tear the film or remove the glue.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Use conditions: interior wall board should be used indoors, outdoor installation is unfavorable, in order to assure use effect and life span.

Cleaning: In the process of construction, if there is pollution, use water, detergent or 98% of the content of alcohol according to the type of pollution to clean, gently scrub with soft objects. Avoid cleaning with acetone or other chemical solvent.


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