Fireproof ACM Paneling


Brief Introduction of Fireproof ACM Paneling

Fireproof acm paneling is a new type of non-combustible cladding material. It is generally covered on both sides with PVDF coated aluminum sheet or stainless steel and cooper sheet, and embedded in between with natural inorganic materials. The metal sheet and core are perfectly bound by a special macromolecular binder, which is heated and melted in production. This advanced process technology improve the panel’s mechanical features as toughness, impact resistance, and crushing resistance, which therefore ensures the quality appearance, superior performance and simple operability.

acm paneling

Fireproof ACM Paneling Classification

There are 2 kinds of fireproof aluminum composite panel, B1 class and A2 class.

For B1 class fireproof aluminum composite panel, it contains: 55% – 55% flame retardant, the main ingredients are aluminum oxide (Al2O3) and magnesium oxide (MgO); When B1 grade panels are put on fire, it can be caught on fire after 5 minutes, and when the fire leave the panels, the fire on the panels will extinguish after 10 seconds.

For A2 class fireproof aluminum composite panel, it Contains 88% – 90% of the flame retardant,the main ingredients are aluminium hydroxide (Al(OH)3) and magnesium hydroxide (Mg(OH)2); it can be catched on fire after 20 minutes, and the fire will extinguish at once when the fire leave the panels.


Fireproof ACM Paneling Advantages

Fireproof acm paneling is mainly used in high-rising exterior architectural cladding. Fireproof acm paneling can be used in many ways, such as the surface of buildings, tables, furniture and so on. When choosing fireproof acm paneling, you can ask manufacturers to produce sheets with the sizes and colors you required.

acm paneling

Because of its special quality, fireproof acm paneling can be dealt with flexibly. Therefore there will be a lot of design and color, which enables us to have a lot more choices. Compared with traditional materials, such as stone, wood, fireproof acm paneling is a mechanism product, which means that the performance will be more stable. There will be no discoloration, crack, water penetration and other problems.


Fireproof acm paneling has quite a lot advantages. It is six times as heat-resisting as glass, three times as clay and ten times as ordinary concrete. It is convenient to process fireproof acm paneling: it can be saw, drilled, ground and nailed, reflecting the design intention more easily. Fireproof aluminum composite sheet is a silicate material, there is no aging problem, not easy to weathering, and is a kind of durable building materials. Its normal life can be matched with the life of all kinds of permanent building materials.

acm paneling

The fireproof acm panelings are free of radioactivity and no harmful substances will be spilled. When used, there is no radioactive material produced, even in high temperature and fire. Fireproof aluminum composite sheet can increase the usable area, reduce the cost of foundation, shorten the construction period, reduce the cost of heating and air conditioning, so as to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Compared with normal aluminum composite panel which is usually used as decoration panel,  Fireproof acm paneling, according to its characteristics, can be used at making adornment, as well as be used, at the same time, in some special places that may contact fire situation easily, produce its to prevent fire action.


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