What is ACM Panels?


ACM Panels Brief Introduction

ACM (aluminum composite material) panels is made up with two entirely different materials (metal and nonmetal). It not only remains the main characteristics of the original component materials (metal aluminum, non-metallic polyethylene plastic), but also overcomes the shortcomings of the original component materials.

>> Excellent material properties

So that it obtains many excellent material properties, such as colorful decoration, weather resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, fire prevention, moisture proof, sound insulation, heat insulation, earthquake resistance; and because of its light weight, it is easy to be processed, formed, handled and installed.

>> Wide application

Therefore, it is frequently used all kinds of architectural ornaments, like ceilings, counters, furniture, telephone booths, elevators, storefront, advertising board, walls,etc.

It has become the representative of metal curtain wall among the three major curtain walls (natural stone, glass curtain wall and metal curtain wall).

In some countries, acm panels are also used in the manufacture of buses, railway cars, aircraft, ship sound-insulation materials, or in the design of equipment boxes and so on.

acm material
exterior metal wall panels
acm material
acm material
exterior metal wall panels
acm material
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When being used outdoors, the front layer of acm panel is covered by fluorocarbon resin coating, and non-fluorocarbon resin coating when being used indoors.

ACM Panels Property

>> Light and easy to process

The weight of aluminum composite panel is only about 3.5-5.5 kilogram per square metre. So it can reduce the damage when an earthquake occurs. Meanwhile, it is easy to carry and install, which effectively decrease the cost of construction.

> Excellent fireproof performance

acp panel details

The middle layer of the acm panel is the flame-retardant material— PE plastic core material, and the other two sides are the aluminum layer which is extremely difficult to get burnt.

>> Impact resistance

Aluminum composite panel has high impact resistance, high toughness, and it do not damage the finish when bending. Because of these merits, The damage caused by sandstorms will not occur in areas with strong sandstorms.

>> Even coating and diverse colors

After the process of conversion coating and the application of Henkel membrane technology, the adhesion between the paint and the aluminum plastic panel is uniform. The color is diverse, which allows you to have more choices and show your individuality.

>> Easy to clean

The air pollution is inevitable in cities, so the building walls need to be cleaned after a few years. because of its self-cleaning property, just neutral cleaner and water can refresh the acm panel.

Classification of ACM wall panels

According to the function of the panels, we can divide it into three kinds.

>> Fireproof acm panel

fireproof aluminum composite material

Fireproof aluminum composite panel is an upgraded version of aluminum composite panels

Using flame retardant core material, The combustion performance of the product reaches the grade which is difficult to burn (B1) or non-combustible level (A). At the same time, other performance also meet the technical requirements of acm panel.

>> Antibacterial and mildew-proof acm wall panels

The coating with antibacterial and bactericidal effect is used on the acm panel, so that it has the function of controlling microbial activity and reproduction and ultimately killing bacteria.

>> Anti-static acm panel

Anti-static acm wall panels are made of anti-static coating coated aluminium sheet, the specific resistance of the surface is under 109Ω, lower than normal acm panel’s surface specific resistance. That means it is not easy to produce static electricity, and the dust in the air can hardly attach to the surface.

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