Omega Profile for ACP cladding


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ACP panels are a composite material and are widely used in exterior walls, interior walls, curtain walls, billboards, ceilings, and the like. For most people, the installation of aluminum composite panel cladding is a big problem, then we will tell you today that it is not difficult to install ACP cladding.


Omega Profile for ACP Cladding


The aluminum omega profile is suitable for the gluing or mechanical fixation of ACP panels.

Omega profiles allows for nesting, making them easier to store, carry and handle.Roofing Battens are versatile and easy to use. They can be lapped, eliminating the need for on-site cutting,which makes them quicker and easier to install. They are compatible with all roof claddings and are fixed directly to the rafters with screws through each flange. The roof is then fixed to the battens with self-drilling screws.

omega profile for ACP cladding

omega profile for ACP cladding

  • omega profiles – a textured surface makes installation easy when
    fixing the cladding.
  • omega profiles – 0.55mm thick hi-tensile steel is very strong, light
    weight and easy to cut with tin snips
  •  Omega profile – The 40mm high profile provides strength and is designed to nest for easy handling and storage.
  • omega profiles – each flange has a groove for easy fixing location.
  • omega profiles – the return edge provides safety and rigidity.


Omega Profile Specification for ACP Cladding


ProductOmega Profile for ACP Cladding
SizeFurring channel: 58*34*16mm/64*32*22mm/70*35*22mm/80*48*22mm
Thickness0.35-0.5 mm
Length3000mm, 4000mm
MaterialQ195 galvanzied steel
Zinc coating40-275g/m2
ApplicationLocking key suspended ACP cladding components


Omega Profile for ACP Cladding Installation

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Alusign aluminum composite panel system


1.We all know that if you install ACP cladding, you must need the aluminum profile, so first of all, you must check the quality of the skeleton. Here to tell everyone, when checking the skeleton, focus on the straightness of the aluminum profile, because the straight skeleton is more evenly stressed, and pay attention to the distance between the keels.

2.When cutting the ACP panels must be broken along the cutting line to ensure that the edge of the cutting board is straight and square, and there will be no defects such as missing corners.

3.When the installation work is carried out until the planking is fixed, remember to ensure that the wrapped edge of the ACP panels and the supported keel are in a state of being perpendicular to each other.

4.When the ACP panels are conected, try to keep them close, but avoid strong pressure in place. It is recommended to start from a certain corner or middle row, not at the same time. In addition, the seams of each aluminum composite panel should be straight, and there should no staggering.


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