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Aluminum plastic composite panel has entered the home decoration in recent years because it has the advantages of smooth surface, colorful color, strong impact resistance, convenient cleaning, sturdy and durable, and quick construction. However, the quality of the plastic aluminum composite panel market is uneven. How to quickly and easily identify the good quality of aluminum plastic composite panels is the key to purchasing aluminum plastic composite panels.

How to choose plastic aluminum composite panel?


Aluminum Composite Sheet Selection

According to the application, choose the appropriate specifications and quality products, including color, thickness (especially pay attention to the thickness of aluminum plate), coating type, core material quality and so on.

Check that the thickness reaches the nominal value and measure it with a vernier caliper or a micrometer (recommended) if necessary.

Check if the shape of the plate is straight and whether there are obvious pitting, bubbles, ripples, etc. on the plate surface.

Ask the dealer about the quality of the core material and, if possible, request a sample for the break test. A good aluminum composite panel is broken or difficult to break.

When you tear the protective film, pay attention to whether there is glue left on the aluminum composite panel. This phenomenon may occur due to excessive storage long time of the product or raw material problems during production.

Try to buy products from well-known manufacturers with good reputation, so that the quality is more secure. Because some product quality can not be seen with the naked eye, especially the protective film is covered on it, it is impossible to tear off the protective film before buy it.

The adhesive for the bonding of aluminum-plastic panels should generally be made of a neutral silicone structural sealant, and the glue for caulking should also be made of a weather-resistant neutral silicone sealant. If you use other glue, it will open and fall off.

How to test the quality of aluminum composite panel


At present, the fake plastic products in the aluminum composite panel market are flooding the market. How to easily identify the quality of aluminum composite panels:

1.Aluminum skin thickness: If the surface aluminum thickness is 0.5mm, the actual measurement should be: aluminum thickness 0.5mm + fluorocarbon paint thickness 0.025mm=0.525mm (total aluminum total thickness)

2.Fluorocarbon coating (PVDF): At least double coated with a layer of paint on the surface and a primer. Use a film thickness gauge to measure >0.025mm. Wiping the coating with butanone for 200 times without exposure.

3.Polyester paint (PE): Measured by film thickness gauge >0.016mm, wiped the coating with methyl ethyl ketone 100 times without exposure

4.Polymer adhesive film: imported from the United States, tearing open aluminum skin, it will be found that aluminum skin and aluminum plastic are evenly distributed, fluffy white polymer, and tensile force > 7N / nm.

5.Soft plastic: translucent, folded aluminum composite panel, aluminum skin will break, but the plastic will not break, and can pull back and fold for countless times

6.Protective film: double-layer film, 0.09mm thick, tear off the protective film, and feel smooth.

Aluminum plastic composite panel price


brush acp panelsAluminum plastic composite panels are divided into two categories: outer wall engineering panels and interior wall decorative panels. interior is generally used in home decoration. The aluminum plastic composite panel is divided into to one sides and two sides.

The surface of the double-sided aluminum plastic composite panel is rust-proof high-strength aluminum alloy board. The front side is sprayed, and the reverse side of the aluminum plate is aluminum natural color. The single-sided aluminum plastic composite panel has only one layer of aluminum alloy plate on the surface, which is slightly inferior in strength and cheaper. The quality of the surface painting, good aluminum plastic adopts the imported hot-pressing spraying process, the color of the paint film is uniform, the adhesion is strong, and it is not easy to remove the paint after the touch.

Aluminum plastic composite panel manufacturer


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