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Aluminum composite panel for exteriot and interior wall cladding


ACM panel system curtain wall is waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosive, and is dominant in the metal curtain wall. The lightweight material reduces the load on the building and provides a good choice for tall buildings. Therefore, the aluminum composite panel curtain wall is favored as an impactful architectural form.

How to install aluminum composite panel system?

1.Adhesive installation acm panel system

a, Apply a strong adhesive to the bottom plate of the aluminum composite panel system and the plywood (or flat wall).

When the adhesive is slightly dry and not sticky (according to the temperature, about 10 minutes), the aluminum composite panel is attached to the plywood, and the hands are pressed.

Until the aluminum composite panel is completely stuck to the plywood. Never use iron or a hard object that can easily damage the surface of the board as a tool for tapping.

b. Leave a seam of 5-10mm at the seam, fill it with a sealant or join with a trim strip.

2.Double-sided tape together with adhesive to fix aluminum composite panel system

aluminum composite panel bendingUse double-sided tape (according to the height, aluminum composite panel size and load, choose polyurethane or polyethylene low-foam double-sided tape) in the shape of a field on the plywood paste, the area is generally 30%, the remaining 70% are not posted Part of the super glue is applied to the space of the field, and then the aluminum plastic panel is attached to the upper part, and the hands can be completely adhered.

3.Curtain wall dry hanging aluminum composite panel system

Aluminum composite panel curtain wall can be divided into two types: unit aluminum composite panel curtain wall and component-type aluminum composite panel curtain wall according to the structure of the curtain wall.

a. The unitized curtain wall is a frame supporting curtain wall that is assembled into a curtain wall unit at the factory by a panel and a metal frame (beam, column), and is installed on site in the form of a curtain wall unit.

b. The component curtain wall is a frame supporting curtain wall in which columns, beams and aluminum composite panels are installed in sequence on site.

Note of install acm panel system

Aluminum Composite Panel Folding Form

1.When the aluminum composite panel system is to be folded, it should be grooved at the fold. According to the requirements of folding, V-grooves, U-grooves, etc. can be opened.

Several typical slotting methods are shown in the figure.A special slotting machine for the aluminum composite panel system should be used to ensure that the slotting depth does not damage the opposite aluminum material and that a 0.3 mm thick plastic layer is left.

2.After the aluminum composite panel system is installed, the protective film should be removed in time to reduce the possibility of tearing the film due to aging of the protective film, serious adhesive residue or serious contamination of the aluminumcomposite panel surface.

3.Damage to the surface paint film should be avoided.

4.Since the paint film on the surface of the aluminum composite panel system is produced by the roll coating process, the color of the coating may have a certain directionality (especially metallic color).

From different angles, the sensory color of the aluminum composite panel may be different. In order to avoid this difference, the aluminum composite panel should be installed in the same production direction.

acm paneling

5.ACM panel system should be cleaned and cured at least once a year to remove surface stains and harmful substances to keep the board clean and tidy and to ensure the normal service life of the product.

Neutral cleaning agent should be used for flexible cleaning. Before cleaning, it should be considered whether the cleaning agent has adverse effects on the coating of aluminum composite panel system.

6.Aluminum composite panel system should be stored in a dry, cool, ventilated and flat place. The storage problem should not exceed 70 °C.


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