Why are ACP Sheets Environmental Friendly?


It is the duty of each person to understand the need for making the earth sustainable. ACP sheets, the new building material is one step towards making the earth ecologically strong.

The ACP sheets are made using recycled materials such as aluminium, polymer, and minerals. This way these sheets help in conserving the treasured natural resources. These sheets have really proved a boon not only for builders and interior designers but for the environment also.

Cost Effective: Among the various benefits that these ACP sheets provide, is their cost. These panels are preferred material over other materials as the aluminium composite panel price is quite low. 

They are not given preference only because they provide beauty to the buildings, but unlike other materials, they are also recyclable as well as cause minimum damage to the environment. Their thermal comfort helps in saving energy bills thus helps to make a better environment.

Fire-retardant: The fire-retardant variant of these panels makes them the most sought after material for buildings. With the use of ATH and MDH compounds, these panels are made fireproof and can withstand fire if any, at least for three hours.

They release very less smoke compared to plastic or wood, and the smoke released is nontoxic water vapour, thus helping in safer evacuations and low causalities.

These panels do not release any harmful gases and do not pose any danger to your home or the outside environment.When you want to buy these panels, ask the Alusign ACP sheet supplier for fire retardant sheets only.

Create less Heat: Aluminum composite panels are maintenance free and if fixed once, you can sit with peace for years.

Its life is longer compared to any other building material. You just have to wipe them with a wet cloth to remove dust, stains, and dirt.

Glass walls are also maintenance free but glass reflects the heat into the environment. It is considered that the earth’s environment is getting hotter every year by 2% due to glass sheets.

ACP sheets reflect very less heat into the environment making them safer for the environment.

Easy to Install: ACP cladding panels do not need a rocket science installation process. They are easy and simple to install and this is the reason that they have become the first choice as cladding solutions for both indoors and outdoors surfaces.

You need not break any wall to fit these sheets. So in a way you are giving your home dust free environment while fixing these sheets. If you are decorating your home for the first time or remodelling it, ACP panels can provide you with the required safety and beauty.


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Alusign is leading aluminum composite boards supplier in China

The last decade has seen that people are ready to invest in materials that are eco-friendly and the trend is increasing with every passing day.

There is pressure from the governments also to the construction companies to use material which is eco-friendly yet sustainable. ACP sheets are thus the alternative which is becoming increasingly popular in contemporary building techniques.

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