What is antistatic acm cladding panels?


Aluminum-plastic composite panels can be seen everywhere in our daily life, but there are more than one type of aluminum-plastic composite panel products. In addition to the longest-known polyester and fluorocarbon-coated acm cladding panels, there are various classifications depending on their functions.

Not all aluminum composite panels have anti-static effects, and anti-static coatings are needed on the surface of ordinary aluminum composite panels. Therefore, when purchasing anti-static aluminum-plastic panels, it is necessary to understand clearly and avoid unnecessary losses.

Antistatic acm cladding are very user-recognized and have good applications in various fields. But do you know what is an antistatic acm cladding panels?

Antistatic acm cladding details:

The antistatic aluminum composite panel is coated with an anti-static coating to form an acm cladding panel, and the surface resistivity is below 109 Ω, which is smaller than the surface resistivity of the ordinary aluminum-plastic panel.

So that static electricity is not easily generated, and dust in the air is not easily attached to the surface. It can play antistatic, dustproof, antifouling and antibacterial effects, and is suitable for interior panels of special requirements.

It is used in various anti-static and sterile living places, such as hospitals, computer rooms and other aseptic high-demand environment places, meets environmental protection requirements, and improves the quality of life and production environment.


1.Light weight, good rigidity and wind pressure resistance;

2.The composite fastness is extremely strong;

3.Temperature and fire resistance, temperature resistance, antistatic;

4.Durable coating properties;

5.Shockproof, soundproof and heat insulation;

6.Easy to process and easy to install;

7.Environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and reliable.


Because of its good antistatic effect, antistatic aluminum composite panels are widely used in partition panels and ceilings in precision instrument factories, electronics factories, film printing factories, chemical warehouses, dangerous goods warehouses, computer rooms, hospitals, etc.

Due to the special enviroment of the laboratory itself, some chemical gases and electrostatic particles are often produced, and the requirements for aluminum cladding are strict.

Nowadays, the coated aluminum cladding on the market, the sprayed cladding panel will generate a certain amount of static electricity, and it is not ideal in dustproofing, it is easy to get dust, and it is not easy to clean.

Cladding and ceiling in the laboratory must be made of antistatic acm aluminum cladding. Alusign uses nano anti-static technology, dustproof, moisture-proof, oil-proof and easy to clean. It is the best quality product in the wallboard industry.

ACM panel manufacturers — ALUSIGN

Antistatic aluminum-plastic panels are also very popular in the market, mainly because the static electricity is relatively large in winter, and if such a panel is used, it can reduce a lot of risks.

Different types of aluminum composite panels have different effects. ALUSIGN is a professional manufacturer of aluminum-plastic panels. We hope that through our introduction, you can understand the advantages of functional aluminum-plastic panels.

Alusign products are available in a wide range of products. Diversified needs of consumers. Please feel free to contact us if you need it.