Time to recreate your Interior wall textures using ACP sheets


The ACP or the Aluminum Composite Panel is a highly durable and versatile sheet that has been used and is increasingly being used for building facades. Its strength lies in it being light-weighted yet strong. Now interior designers and architects are increasingly using the ACP sheets for the interiors as well.

It is rightly said that it is time to recreate the interior wall textures using ACP sheets for these sheets are available in a wide variety of options. Earlier the interior decoration was limited to using wooden panels for the walls. This was a costly option as not all are able to afford the costly wooden panels to decorate the interiors.

You now have the ACP sheet with the top and bottom layer made of aluminum while the inner core is LDPE. The top surface is coated with various materials to give it the desired look.

Variety of ACP for interior use

Whether you like the wooden look or the marble finish look, you can get them all with the ACP sheets. These sheets have the texture and look of marble or wood, while the actual surface is that of aluminum. Here are some other options of the ACP sheets that can be used to recreate the interiors:

  • Metallic
  • Solid
  • Sparkle
  • Wood
  • Marble
  • Rustic
  • Natural stone
  • Mirror

Each of these categories of ACP sheets has various designs, colors, and textures giving you endless options to do the interiors. You can even have a combination of two styles of textures to get the perfect look.

The availability of so many options has opened up a complete design pallet for the interior designers and architects as they can use their imagination and creativity to create something unique and extraordinary.

The best thing about using the ACP sheets indoors is that they are easy to install and maintain. Although being light in weight, they have high tensile strength making them great for the indoors. Moreover, as the ACP panels are fire retardant they add to the safety of the indoors which is so uncommon with other interior decoration materials, especially real wood.

ACM Material

If you are looking for the best ACP sheet manufacturer in India, the one that will come to the forefront is Alusign. The company offers a large variety of ACP sheets in various colors, textures, finishes, thickness, and price.

ACP sheets are very cost effective in the sense that you can install them and nearly forget about them as they are very durable. their maintenance is very low as you can only wipe them with a cloth to keep them clean.

To find the best panels for the interiors of your home, commercial establishment, shop, restaurant or any other place, you can visit the Alusign showrooms or search them online. You can compare the ACP sheet price in India with other brands and then make your choice. You will find that Alusign offers competitively priced and high-quality panels to recreate your interiors.

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