How to Buy the Right ACP Facade for Building?


There is no denying the fact that aluminum composite panels or ACP have increased the lifespan of buildings. Formerly used as a building façade material, ACP facade is now increasingly being used for interior decoration as well.

As the structure and requirements of buildings have changed, there has been a marked improvement in the way the ACP sheets are manufactured. More emphasis is laid on making them safe along with attractive.

The ACP facade Construction

The ACP or the Aluminum composite panel is basically two aluminum sheets combined together with a non-aluminum core at the center. The core is usually non-aluminum and polythene while the outer layer is further coated with PVDF or Polyvinylidene Fluoride. The tensile strength of the ACP is very high. Moreover, it is light in weight and its installation is quite easy.

ACP Facade

Distinguishing Features

The distinguishing features that add to the benefits of ACP facade are as follows:

Weather resistance: Being resistant to weather conditions, the ACP facade can survive through long months of sunshine, rain, dust and storms. There is usually no color fading, peeling, warping or bending of the materials once installed. This feature makes it the best material for exterior cladding. The lifespan of the building is enhanced as there is no need for repeat maintenance or installation procedures.

Fire resistance: Coming from the leading aluminum composite panel manufacturer, Alusign, the ACP sheets are fire resistant. They do not add to the toxicity in case of a fire, a feature that is absent in other building materials. The sheets will not catch fire and will not let the fire spread. They do not produce toxic smoke that is the main reason for fatalities. This is another feature that adds to the lifespan of the building.

Do not add to the weight of the building: Cladding materials used for the building exteriors add to the weight of the building. They need heavy iron frames to stay atop the buildings to provide the required base. This is not the case with Alusign ACP facade.

Being light in weight, they are easily mounted on the aluminum frame giving the building the added protection. There is thermal insulation that protects the building from extreme temperature changes, something that is not present with other building materials.

Variety of options: The best thing about aluminum composite panels is that you can get a different look for your building simply by choosing the appropriate panel. Whether you like the concrete look, wooden look or the modern look, you can get aluminum panels in all these options with a wide variety of colors and textures.

You need not invest in heavy cladding material like wooden laths or concrete slabs to get the desired look. You can simply change the aluminum panel to change the building façade. This is not only a money saving option but a building-saving option, as well as the building, is not exposed to repeat hammering to get the desired look. Only the sheets on the aluminum frame are changed as and when required.

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