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Aluminum Composite Panel Folding Form

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Alusign is leading aluminum composite panel suppliers in China, supply all kinds of aluminum composite sheets for exterior, interior and sign panel.Such as PVDF, PE, brushed, Marble, Mirror aluminum composite panel sheets.

Before construction and installation of aluminum composite sheets, the following aspects should be done:

1.Distinguish the inner and outer aluminum composite panel sheet


Before the installation of aluminum composite panel sheets, first of all, you need to know it’s use for exterior wall decoration or interior wall decoration. Generally, the exterior wall decoration uses aluminum composite sheets with 4mm panel thickness , 0.25mm aluminum thickness. Only in this way can the quality of the decoration be ensured. In principle, aluminum thickness 0.25 mm or less is use for interior wall decoration and aluminum composite sign panel sheet, which can both guarantee quality and reduce cost.

aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite project for exterior and interior

2.Inspection of aluminum composite sheets accessories


Check the aluminum composite sheets horizontal and vertical connectors before construction, measure and adjust to reduce the error of aluminum composite panel installation.aluminum composite panel bending

3.Install aluminum composite panels in strict accordance with the instructions


When installing aluminum composite panel sheets, we must be installed in the same direction as the direction marked by the arrow on the protective film to avoid chromatic aberration; the protective film on the surface of the panel must be removed according to the date marked on the protective film to avoid aging of the protective film and difficult to remove, affect the appearance.

4.Outdoor rivet requirements


Structural rivets are made outdoors, the diameter of the rod should be 5mm, and the diameter of the rivet head is 11mm~14mm.When rivets are used for aluminum composite panel, it is recommended to fix them in the order from the middle to the ends of the board. Considering that the board will expand and contract when the temperature changes, the diameter of the upper part of the composite board should be about 1mm larger than the diameter of the rivet to ensure the flatness of the aluminum composite sheets.

5.Aluminum Composite Sheet Gluing Requirements


It is not advisable to carry out the glue operation on a rainy day. Silicone weathering adhesive should be filled thoroughly and should be carried out in an environment with a temperature of 15 ° C to 30 ° C and a relative humidity of 50% or more.

Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

Alusign aluminum composite panel system

6.Color difference of aluminum composite panel


The paint color of the aluminum composite sheet allows for a slight and uniform change over the same façade over time, but requires long-term performance testing in accordance with fluorocarbon paint national standards and provides customers with a quality guarantee of 10 years or more.


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