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Aluminum composite board is a new material for modern construction decoration. it’s made of chemically treated coating aluminum board, polyethylene plastic as the core material and processed on the special aluminum composite panel production equipment. Due to the unique properties of the aluminum composite board,it has been widely used: exterior walls of buildings, curtain wall panels, renovation of old buildings, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stands, and dust-proofing works.

Compared with other materials of the same type, aluminum composite panels have more advantages. They should be better maintained and maintained during use, which can keep the surface of the aluminum composite board bright and smooth, and effectively extend the use of aluminum composite panels life.

At this point, I believe many people will have questions: What are the cleaning methods for aluminum composite board in daily use? The following is the daily maintenance and precautions for the aluminum composite panel that from Alusign aluminum composite board suppliers, and share it with everyone here.

Tips for using aluminum composite panels:

Aluminum Composite Panel Folding Form

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1. Aluminum composite panel boards should be stored or installed in a dry and ventilated place in an appropriate manner to avoid water accumulation,and the ambient temperature is not higher than 70℃.Aluminum composite boards should be protected from installation in unusual environments such as smoke, wind, sand, radiation, hazardous gases and chemical environments.

2.Aluminum composite boards should be laid flat when transported or stored. The side of the board 4 must be lifted at the same time during transportation. Do not drag on one side to avoid scratching the aluminum composite boards surface.

3.When slotting with a slotting machine or machine, use a round head or a ≥90 V-type flat head saw or milling cutter to slot.Need to leave a 0.2-0.3Mm thick in composite boards plastic core together with the panel to bend to increase strength and toughness and prevent aluminum sheet hydrogenation.

4.When bending, you need to apply even force, once molding, do not bend repeatedly, otherwise the aluminum panel will break.

5.In order to maintain the flatness of the aluminum composite board panel and enhance its wind-resistance, the aluminum composite panel needs to be lined with the skeleton after crimping, and it needs to be pasted by silicone.

The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

Metallic Aluminum Composite Panel

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1.Use a large amount of water to wash the aluminum composite panel surface and wash away the dirt.

2.Check the aluminum composite boards surface and clean it again, if it is not cleaned. Put a soft cloth in the diluted detergent, then gently wipe the aluminum-plastic panel with a soft cloth.

3.Clean the aluminum composite boards with water until all the detergent is washed away.

When cleaning the aluminum composite boards, please be careful not to clean the hot surface, because the excessive evaporation of moisture is harmful to the baking finish.It is important to note that appropriate detergents should be used. A basic principle is to choose a mild detergent and not to use a strong alkaline detergent.

In addition, before cleaning in a large area, it is best to select a small board for testing, and then officially start after confirming safety.


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