Electrolytic Coloring of Acp Materials


I Brief Introduction of Electrolytic Coloring Process

With the increasing demand for aluminum composite materials as decorative materials, the electrolytic coloring process of al composites materials is used much more frequently. As well as with the continuous development of electrolytic coloring process and the start of coloring of various raw materials, the electrolytic coloring process of acp materials will continue to increase.

wooden alumainum composite panel alusign

wooden aluminum composite panel alusign

II Mechanism of Aluminum composite panels Electrolytic Coloring Process

The process of electrolytic coloring of acp materials began to gradually stabilize in the late 1970s. The electrolytic coloring mechanism is mainly to study the electrode reaction of electrolytic cells. There are two kinds of ions in the electrolytically colored solution, which are metal ions and hydrogen ions, respectively. Ions always exist and coexist with the solution. In this process, the two ions compete for discharge, and the principle of the electrolytic coloring process is to always have hydrogen ions to ensure the preferential discharge of metal ions. Only in this way can the coloring be smoothly getting on.

aluminum composite panel

III Electrolytic Coloring of Composite Sheet Material Steps

  1. Experimental method of electrolytic coloring

In the electrolytic coloring process, a suitable solution is prepared as a matrix, and the main components of the solution are sodium nitrite, a conductive salt, a complexing agent, a promoter, and copper sulfate. When coloring, the object to be colored is placed in a solution, so that the object to be colored is regarded as a cathode, and then the current switch is turned on, and the metal ions react when the current passes, and are deposited on the surface of the object after electrolysis to achieve coloring.

  1. Steps ofelectrolytic coloring

First, degreasing treatment is carried out, followed by water washing and alkali etching. After two times of water washing, light is emitted, then DC anodizing of sulfuric acid is performed, and then secondary water washing is performed again, followed by alternating current electrolytic coloring, and again after sealing. Washed and finally dried for testing and performance testing.

alaluminum anodizing process

IV  Electrolytic Coloring of Acp Materials— Anodizing process

Acp material anodizing is a very important part of the coloring process. Its success will directly affect the quality and effect of coloring. After anodizing, the surface layer of aluminum will form an oxide film, which is dense and porous. Uniform, it is precisely because of the existence of this layer of oxide film to make the coloring process more guaranteed.

The electrolytically colored film layer of aluminum-plastic composite board is affected by many factors. The main factor is the density, quality and performance of the aluminum oxide film. Its structure is the main important factor determining the quality of the coloring. There are many kinds of anodizing solutions, currently on the market. The most used one is the sulfuric acid DC anodic oxidation method. The advantage of this oxidation method is that the production cost is lower, first because the price of sulfuric acid is low, and secondly, the current is small during the oxidation process, which is more energy-saving. It is convenient to treat the oxidized waste liquid, which is a more acceptable and cheaper method than other oxidation methods.

Secondly, the oxidized film of sulfuric acid by DC anodic oxidation has high transparency. Many merchants in the market are pursuing the transparency of the film layer. Generally, the film layer oxidized by sulfuric acid anodic oxidation is colorless and transparent. At the same time, the sulfuric acid direct anodic oxidation method has higher corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the film after the direct oxidation of sulfuric acid is harder, the density is higher, and the structure is more stable.


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