Aluminum Composite Sheet Wall Installation


Today we are going to introduce the installation methods of aluminium composite panel sheet.

I Applications of Aluminum Composite Sheet Wall Installation

Aluminium composite panel sheet is suitable for building exterior wall, curtain wall panel, renovation of old building, interior wall and ceiling decoration, advertising signs, display stand, purification and dustproof project, etc.

aluminum composite panel

II Construction Conditions of Aluminum Composite Sheet Wall Installation

1.Aluminium composite panel sheet sizes are invariable. The structural surface of the aluminum-plastic panel finish to be installed shall be provided with embedded parts; when the design is not provided with the embedded parts, the skeleton may be installed with expansion screws.

2.The installation of the wooden skeleton shall be carried out after the installation of the door and window frame is completed, and the wall slab shall be carried out after the plastering of the wall and the completion of the ground.

3.The drying of the wood should reach the specified water content, and the keel should be brushed with anti-corrosion agent on the three sides after the flat surface is to be flattened.

4.The required tools are installed, connected to the power supply, and commissioned.

5.Before the construction of a large area, a large sample drawing should be drawn, and the sample should be made first. After passing the inspection, the construction can be carried out in a large area.


III Material preparation

According to the design requirements, select the aluminum-plastic panel to determine the keel spacing size; choose the appropriate keel section and size. At the same time, aluminum materials should be properly kept after entering the site to avoid deformation and scratches. A good aluminium composite sheet supplier is necessary as well.

IV Construction process of Aluminum Composite Sheet Wall Installation

1.  Construction process

The keel arrangement and the elastic line installation and leveling keel are installed with aluminum-plastic board trimming and sealing.

2. Keel arrangement and elastic line

(1) Elastic line: Determine the elevation control line and the keel arrangement line. If the ceiling has a change in elevation, the corresponding position of the variable section should be determined, and then the angle aluminum should be fixed along the elevation line.

(2)Determine the position line of the keel: According to the size specifications of the aluminum composite panel and the area size of the ceiling, the structural size of the ceiling frame should be arranged. The pattern of the combination of the plates should be complete. When the edges are left, the size of the edge should be uniform or symmetrical. The dragon skeleton position line is drawn above the elevation line.

(3)Install and leveling the keel: According to the vertical and horizontal elevation control line, starting from one end, leveling on the installation side, and then fine-tuning once.

3.Block installation

The installation of aluminum-plastic panel and dragon skeleton is mainly fixed by hook hanging or self-tapping screws. Wires can also be tied. When installing, arrange the lines according to the good plates. Install them from one direction and pay attention to the hooks. First fix it with the keel, then hook the small hole on the side of the plate; the aluminum-plastic plate should be handled gently during installation to protect the board from collision or scratch; when fixing with M5 self-tapping screws, first use the electric drill to shoot Screw up the hole with a diameter of 4.2 mm.

4. Ends Dealing

When the edge of the wall does not meet the modulus of the square plate, after obtaining the approval of the designer and the supervisor, the strip board or the plasterboard being used as a ceiling treatment may be adopted instead of the method of trimming the square plate and the wall panel.

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