Advantages of wooden aluminium composite panel


acp sheet wooden finish

Wooden aluminium composite panel–Easy Processing

Wooden acp sheet adopts a new technology, and the peeling strength of the most important technical index of the aluminum-plastic composite panel is improved to an excellent state, so that the flatness and weather resistance of the wooden acp sheet are correspondingly improved.Wooden acp sheet, the weight per square meter is only about 3.5-5.5 kg,Therefore, the damage caused by the earthquake disaster can be alleviated, and it is easy to carry. The superior construction property can be cut, cut, planed, curved into a curved shape, and formed at right angles by simple woodworking tools.It can be used with the designer to make various changes, and the installation is simple and quick, which reduces the construction cost.

Wooden aluminium composite panel–Fireproof and Resistance

fireproof acp panel panel

the difference of fireproof aluminum composite panel


Wooden acp sheet has excellent fireproof performance. The middle of the aluminum-plastic panel is a flame-retardant material PE plastic core material, and the two sides are extremely difficult to burn aluminum layer.Therefore, it is a safe fireproof material that meets the fire resistance requirements of building codes.It has strong impact resistance, high toughness, no damage to the topcoat, strong impact resistance, and no damage caused by sandstorm in areas with large wind and sand.

Wooden aluminium composite panel–Weatherproof and colorful, easy to maintain

wooden acm panel

Acp sheet wooden finish has super weather resistance. Because of the fluorocarbon paint using PVDF based on KYNAR-500, it has unique advantages in weather resistance, whether in hot sunlight or cold wind and snow. Does not detract from the beautiful appearance, can not fade for 20 years.

The coating is evenly colored and diverse. After being chemically processed and applied by Henkel’s film technology, the adhesion between the paint and the acp sheet wooden finish is uniform and the colors are diverse, allowing you to choose a larger space and show your individuality.

Easy maintenance, wooden finish acp, has a significant improvement in pollution resistance. China’s urban pollution is more serious. It needs to be maintained and cleaned after several years of use. Because of its self-cleaning properties, it only needs to use neutral detergent and water. After cleaning, the board will be as new as ever.

The above-mentioned visible wooden aluminium composite panel is not only easy to process, but also relatively resistant in weather temperature, and is also relatively easy to maintain. Moreover, the wooden acp sheet is bright and colorful, and can be used in various styles of architecture. wooden acp sheet decorate our buildings in our lives and are a rare plate.

Specifications and Sizes:

Aluminum Composite Panel Folding Form

Good processability of aluminum composite panel

Aluminum skin thickness: 0.08mm-0.50mm
Total panel thickness: 2mm-6mm
Width:1000mm,1200mm,1220mm(regular),1250mm,1500mm,1550mm, 1575mm,2000mm(maximum)
Length: Up to 11500mm
Standard size: 1220mm(Width) ×2440mm(Length)
Non-standard sizes and special colors are available depending on customers’ offers


0.5/4mm is 5.6kg/m²
0.4/4mm is 5.2kg/m²
0.3/4mm is 4.8kg/m²
2380m²/4mm, 2977m²/3mm


1. Exterior wall of building, Curtain wall;
2. Refitting or renovating of old building exterior wall.
3. The balcony, equipment unit, interior compartments
4. Panel, logo plate, display platform.
5. The interior wall decoration panel, ceiling, advertising board
6. Industrial usage, cold car body etc

Wooden aluminium composite panel price

At present, the wooden aluminium composite panel on the market mainly has spray paint and thermal transfer. In recent years, a new type of wooden aluminium composite panel produced by ALUSIGN has been painted, and its scratch-resistant performance is relatively great.The Alusign coated wooden aluminium composite panel is matte and feels strong, easy to clean.

Most commodity pricing is based on the material quality of the product, and wooden aluminium composite panels are no exception. The price of wooden acp sheet is based on the material of the aluminum-plastic composite panel, that is, the quality of the coating and the core material, and different prices. In addition, if the same quality wooden aluminum composite panel has different specifications, such as plate thickness and aluminum thickness, the price will be different.
If you want to know the latest price list of ALUSIGN wooden aluminum composite panel, please let us know the thickness of aluminum thick plate you need, our professionals will give you the best price at the first time.


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