Alusign ACP Aluminum Panels for Sale in Construction


The family of metal curtain walls in construction is very large, and the commonly used materials are mainly the following:

1. Aluminum composite board

Alusign ACP aluminum panels for sale is made up of two layers of aluminum plates inside and outside sandwiched with environmentally friendly low-density polyethylene. The surface is coated with fluorocarbon resin coating to form a tough and stable film layer with strong adhesion and durability.

The color is rich, and it has the powerful function of waterproof, moisture proof, insect proof, weather resistance and deformation. Alusign fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is the wall metal architect’s favorite metal curtain wall panel material.

2. aluminum veneer

The aluminum alloy plate of 2.5mm or 3mm thickness is used, and the surface of the single-layer aluminum plate for the outer curtain wall is consistent with the material of the front surface of the aluminum composite plate, and the film layer has the same toughness, stability, adhesion and durability.

3. honeycomb aluminum plate

It is a composite material in which two aluminum plates are bonded with a honeycomb core material, and the thickness can be selected according to the function of the curtain wall and the durability of the curtain wall. The shape of the honeycomb has a regular hexagon, a flat hexagon, a rectangle, a square, a cross, a flat square, etc.

The honeycomb core material has to be specially treated, otherwise its strength is low and the life is short, such as chemical oxygen on the aluminum foil, its strength and corrosion resistance. Performance will increase.

The honeycomb core material has glass fiber reinforced plastic honeycomb and paper honeycomb in addition to aluminum foil, but it is not widely used in practice because of its high cost.

Alusign ACP aluminum panels for sale are widely be used in construction NOW!

Due to there premium performance:

Lightweight rigidity

Excellent strength/rigid weight ratio even better than pure aluminum plate, achieving the same bending resistance, its weight is about 40% lighter than pure aluminum plate, and its composition is more stable in structure; easy to transport, easy to process, low cost of use .

Weather-proof, corrosion-resistant

Alusign aluminum composite panel coating is durable, can be weather-proof for a long time, adapt to material handling, and can also minimize the corrosion of acp panels under acid-base salt spray. The durability of such materials is greatly improved in terms of resistance to ultraviolet rays and temperature changes. This makes it suitable for both Central European climates and for tropical climates, offshore areas or areas with high environmental pollution.

Excellent smoothness

Excellent smooth and smooth surface finish: The paint’s retention of color luster is virtually unaffected by time.

Guarantee of coating

acm panel

Alusign is leading aluminum composite boards supplier in China

Polyester resin roll coating includes pre-configured standard colors to provide consistent, uniform paint quality to the rollers. It has very good stability and can maintain color and luster in the long-term outdoor exposure. We recommend regular cleaning, which is part of the guarantee. It can be cleaned with a neutral commercial cleaner and clean water. Special cleaning agents can be used for serious contamination.

Thermal expansion

Temperature fluctuations can change the length, causing stress concentrations on some components, causing wrinkles on some visible surfaces. The deformation due to expansion does not recover with the cooling of the material. The expansion coefficient of Alusign aluminum composite panel is 2-4mm when the temperature difference is 100 degrees Celsius.

Good thermal insulation

Polyethylene or other flame retardant cores provide a barrier to outdoor temperature changes and therefore have good thermal insulation properties.

Mechanical load capacity

The wind load calculation of the slogan/panel is based on the building statics formula.

Economical machining performance

acm panel detailsAll acp panels are easy to machine and can be formed into different shapes, angles, curves and radii. You can handle it by cutting, bending, bending, folding, tying, welding, edge joints, and closing. All work can be done with ordinary metalworking tools.

Good environmental performance

The lightweight synthetic material of this product can be completely reused, that is, waste recycling, whether core material or aluminum plate can be melted and then produced into a new high quality product.