How to choose the right composite sheets?


Beautiful architecture always brings a good impression to others. Therefore, it is important to choose the right composite sheets to make your buildings and homes look more attractive. The design of aluminum composite panel takes into account the beauty of your home and office.Today let’s tallk how to choose the right composite sheets.

Aluminum composite panels are the most common and popular decorative materials in composite panels.We often see aluminum composite panels in public, such as shopping malls, building curtain walls, interiors and so on. Besides, do you know more application of aluminum composite panel? Choose the right composite sheets, the first thing we need to do is know the application.

Aluminum Composite Sheets for Cladding

acm paneling

ACP sheets are so designed to bring shine to the exteriors of your buildings and offices. ACP composite sheets come up in a great range of designs and patterns which provide a futuristic look to your High Rise Buildings, Bungalows, Mansions & Big or Medium Sized Commercial Places (Shops, Offices etc.). ACP Sheets by ALUSIGN are acknowledged for the Elegant Designs, Excellent Finish & Abrasion Resistance.

Aluminum composite panel for interior decoration

The aluminum plastic composite panel is widely used in interior decoration because of its rich color, light, easy processing and convenient installation.

There lies some alternatives for the aluminum composite panel for siding and signage i.e. wood, vinyl, and fiber cement but these materials are very heavy. ACP panels are the lightweight alternatives for these materials.

Acp Composite Sheet for Signage Boards

Aluminum composite panels are used for making the attractive looking signs of the villas, apartments as well as offices. Moreover, ACP Sheets can be used in signage boards.

acp panel panels price

acp panel composite panel use for adversting board

For instance, you can generally find the signage boards of xiaomi, Samsung etc on the shops. Hoardings, Road side sign boards & OOH promotions are used for outside applications and it is required to withstand the weather changes. Therefore, aluminum composite sheets are the best choice for it.

More Application

ACP Sheets can be used for covering of Pillars, Ceilings, Office Partitions & Furniture. It can also be used for other kinds of interior & exterior application requirements like facial panels, column covers, display units, canopy etc. Moreover, the Wooden & Marble finish ACP Sheets collection is used in Bungalows, Gates, Louvers, pergolas etc.

How to choose the right composite sheets?

1.Know the right application: The important thing to choose aluminum composite panel is to know the purpose. Before you buy aluminum composite sheets, you need to know clearly what to do. Whether it is for exterior walls or interior decoration, or to use advertising signs, choose the appropriate specifications according to his purpose.

2. Choose right colors: Composite panels can be produced in many colors and styles. So you can chose from a variety of Copper, Zinc and Brush Colors that can match the specific color & design style of your business. The Zinc Colors further includes: Quartz, Anthra, Pigmento Blue, Pigmento Red, Pigmento Orange & Pigmento Grey etc.

The latest shades of Wooden ACP Sheets are: Sharun Teak, Macassar Light, Crotch Burl Light, Joburg Knotty Grey, Heartwood Biscotti & Apuan etc. So basically you have an array of choices when it comes to choosing a perfect color for your exterior or interior.

As you know more about aluminum composite panels, you will like this composite panel more and more. If you want to know more about aluminum composite panels, please visit my other blogs.

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