why the acp panel curtain wall is economical and practical?


The reason why the aluminum composite panel curtain wall is economical and practical is mainly from the price and easy processing performance of itself.

ACP panel curtain wall is low cost than others

In terms of the price of the metal sheet, the price of the aluminum composite panel product itself is generally more than twice the price of the aluminum composite panel compared to the price of the aluminum honeycomb panel.

Compared with the aluminum plate assembly after the completion of the production, the cost per square meter of the aluminum composite panel is lower than about 30% of the single-layer aluminum assembly.


However, in order to cope with the requirements of market competition and blind price reduction, many acp panel manufacturers and curtain wall manufacturers have serious problems of cutting corners in material selection.

The specification clearly stipulates that acp panel curtain wall panels must use two layers of 0.5 mm thick. Made of aluminum alloy plate, the outer aluminum plate surface must be treated with fluorocarbon coating.

The reality is that the composition of the aluminum alloy panels of many aluminum curtain wall panels does not meet the requirements, the thickness of the outer aluminum panels is less than 0.4mm, and the thickness of the inner panels is reduced to 0.3mm, and some even have 3mm thick interior walls. The board is used directly for the siding. Even the cold pressed plate that has been eliminated is used as the outer wall board, and the result is that the panel and the composite plastic are separated due to insufficient bonding strength.

Common causes of pollution problems in curtain wall

Common causes of pollution problems in curtain wall aluminum composite panels are mainly caused by acid rain pollution and artificial illegal acid cleaning. The stains and rain ribs and paint surface are naturally aged.

The curtain wall aluminum plate generally refers to a single-layer aluminum plate, an aluminum composite board, a honeycomb aluminum board and the like which have been subjected to high-temperature baking treatment on the surface.

During the use of curtain wall aluminum panels, due to the combined effects of air pollution (automobile exhaust and industrial air pollutants), dust and acid rain, as a building exterior wall, after a period of use, a large amount of rain ribs and dirt are gradually attached, which affects the appearance of the building.

At the same time, due to the presence of slightly acidic substances in the contaminants, the protective film layer on the surface of the aluminum plate is eroded. The dust and acid rain which contain a lot of organic pollutants cause the stains to adhere to the aluminum plate. Once the pollution is formed, it will become very Difficult to clean.

There is also a phenomenon that the curtain wall aluminum plate becomes clean after some improper cleaning (strong acid cleaning), some places are dirty than the original, and the whole curtain wall has a large area of ​​flowering.

Alusign acp panel curtain wall does not change color for more than 15 years, and the surface is easy to clean and does not hurt the surface effect.

Alusign fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is made up of two layers of aluminum plates inside and outside sandwiched with environmentally friendly low-density polyethylene. The surface is coated with fluorocarbon resin coating to form a tough and stable film layer with strong adhesion and durability.

The color is rich, and it has the powerful function of waterproof, moisture proof, insect proof, weather resistance and deformation. Alusign fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is the wall metal architect’s favorite metal curtain wall panel material.