The importance of acp panel protective film


The surface of the Alusign aluminum composite panel has a protective film, which is a film that protects the surface of the aluminum composite panel during the decoration. It can be torn off after installation.

However, many customers have a misunderstanding of the protective film, thinking that there is a protective film attached, the aluminum composite plate will be more durable, but for a long time, the protective film will be semi-fused, not only difficult to tear, even if it is torn off It will also leave unsightly traces.

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So how can we skillfully tear off the protective film of the aluminum composite panel without causing damage to the surface of the acp panel? there is a few tips for you.

First, let’s see when the aluminum composite panel of your home is installed and used.

If the installation time is not long, you can patiently tear it open with your hand. Starting from the corner of the board, a protective film is peeled off at a 45-degree angle, and then a larger area of ​​the protective film is gradually torn along the torn corner, and then torn at a 90-degree angle with the board surface, so that one can be torn off.

If the aluminum composite panel in the home has been installed and used for a long time, it is thought that the protective film should be torn off, and then it can no longer be torn by hand. Because the glue between the protective film and the aluminum composite panel is already in a semi-melted state, forcibly tearing off will only leave traces that are difficult to remove.

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Then, start to tear off the protective film

At this time, you need to tear open a small corner of the protective film, then use a hair dryer to blow the hot air in the direction of the tearing angle. After a period of time, you can try to tear a larger area, and then continue to blow the hot air along the direction. Repeat until the entire protective film is torn off. If the middle is broken, you can try another method to repeat the above method. If you still leave an offset when you tear it, you can use a cloth to remove the alcohol.

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The importance of acp panel protective film

The surface of Alusign fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel is covered with a protective film. The purpose is to protect the product from damage during a series of transfer processes such as handling, inventory, transportation, processing and installation.

In the production process of fluorocarbon aluminum composite panels, the protective film appears to be an auxiliary material, which actually has a great effect and is an indispensable component of the aluminum composite panel product.

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The selection of the protective film should fully consider the characteristics of the product, and consider the factors such as the variety of aluminum composite panels, the coating material, and the smoothness of the surface.

In order to avoid the movement of the protective film by the UV-illuminated fluorocarbon aluminum composite panel after the installation of the Alusign acp panel, the protective film should be moved. The acp panel for the curtain wall should be made of a black-and-white protective film with good anti-UV effect.