What kind of acm building material on curtain wall is best?


The curtain wall is a form of the perimeter wall of the building. The curtain wall generally does not bear the weight, and it is similar to the hanging curtain.
It is also called the hanging curtain, that is, the lightweight wall hanging from the outside of the main structure.There are many kinds of acm building material on curtain wall, which one is the best?

Today I will analyze three different acm building material for you.

Glass curtain wall

1.Advantages: The glass curtain wall is a new type of acm building material in the contemporary. The most important feature it gives to the building is the organic unification of architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, and architectural structures. The building shows different shades from different angles. With the changes of sunlight, moonlight and light, it gives people a dynamic beauty.

2.Disadvantages: Light pollution and energy consumption are large. Light pollution of the glass curtain wall. It means that coated glass or coated glass is used on the curtain wall of a high-rise building. Reflective glare due to specular reflection (ie, specular reflection) of the glass when direct sunlight and sky light shine on the glass surface.

The shape of the glass acm building material is single, making it difficult to shape. It is heavy. The glass curtain wall is about 5 times the weight of the composite wall panel. And the glass curtain wall has no recycling value. The glass curtain wall material will be scrapped as the building is demolished without any recycling value.

Marble curtain wall

1.Advantages: The marble curtain wall is made of natural materials, bright and crystal, hard and permanent.It has the advantages of fine structure, solemn color, solemn texture, hard wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low water absorption, strong freeze resistance and high extrusion strength.


The fire performance of stone curtain wall is very poor, especially in high-rise buildings. Fires are generally ignited indoors. The fire in the building will increase the temperature of the stainless steel plates and metal structures of the slabs, soften the steel and lose strength.

The slate will be from the upper floors. The formation of slate “rain” falls, not only posing danger to pedestrians, but also causing difficulties in fire fighting and fire fighting.

Acm building material

Currently, acm panel building material is mainly used in some public buildings, and are a new type of decorative materials. Compared with other decorative materials, they have many unparalleled advantages.

The reason for this is on the one hand because the aluminum composite panel is a composite material, and many new properties not found in the original component materials can be obtained by the composite.

On the other hand, composite wall panel is high-tech products that contain high technical content both in production and in application. Many advanced processes, such as roll coating and continuous thermal compounding, are used in the production to ensure the full performance of the material.

1.Advantages: Aluminum composite panel is made of aluminum and a relatively small density plastic core material. Therefore, compared with aluminum (or other metal) having the same rigidity or the same thickness, the quality is smaller than that of glass and stone. Much smaller.

The layer of aluminum-plastic panel can be made into a variety of colors, and the pattern design for all usage can be carried out.The acm composite material is cost-effective and has a wide range of uses.

It can be used for the decoration of curtain walls, interior and exterior walls, foyers, restaurants, shops, conference rooms, etc. It can also be used for the reconstruction of old buildings, used as the counter, furniture, and vehicles. Inner and outer walls, etc.

2.Status of aluminum composite panel materials:

According to international standards, the reasonable price of exterior wall aluminum-plastic composite panels is 200 to 220 yuan per square meter, but the lowest price on the market has been sold to 30 yuan per square meter.

Low-priced products with poor quality of products have seriously affected the reputation of acm building materials, causing some experts to lose confidence.

How to choose best building material?

Aluminum composite panel

Aluminium composite panels have a wide variety of colors


All in all, different products have their advantages and disadvantages. Buyers should choose the most suitable materials according to the actual use of the building. The best one is not necessarily the most suitable, so choose carefully when choosing curtain wall materials. Combine the pros and cons together and you will know which one is the best building material.

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