Marble Aluminum Plastic Composite Panel


It has become very important to make the exteriors of the buildings attractive. The days of using concrete and other material are dying a slow death. Today, you find aluminum cladding on the exteriors of virtually every commercial building in the major cities of the world.

Aluminum has various advantages in the fact that they are reusable. Environmentally, it is favorable to use aluminum instead of other metals. The fire resistant qualities of aluminum make it extremely popular in the construction industry.

There are many kinds of aluminum composite panel designs in use today in the construction industry. The marble aluminum composite panel is one of the most attractive ones. They can improve the exteriors of any building to great levels. They have great use in the interior decorations as well.

What is marble aluminum composite panel?

The real marble or granite stones are extremely heavy and brittle at the same time. The best alternative is the marble aluminum composite panel. They resemble the marble or the granite stones in texture and finish. In addition they are extremely light.

The uses of marble aluminum plastic composite panel:

  • They make up the external facade of many commercial buildings the world over.
  • You can use these panels in the interior decoration to make kitchen and other furniture.

Advantages of marble aluminum plastic composite panel:

  • Naturally, the economic advantage is a huge one.
  • The rigidity of the marble aluminum composite panels makes it an extremely durable one.
  • Light in weight, you can transport them anywhere easily.
  • The fire resistant qualities are a hit anytime.
  • You get these panels in a variety of sizes and colors.
  • They resemble the marble or granite stones in their appearance.

Disadvantages of marble aluminum composite panels:

  • Being extremely light, they cannot withstand winds of high velocity.

In conclusion, marble aluminum composite panels look the same as the real marble but much lighter and more convenient than the real marble material, with better features and lower price. It has become a new trend in construction industry.

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