Mirror Aluminum Composite panels


The world has now accepted aluminum as the perfect cladding material for building the external facades of commercial and other buildings. They have their inherent advantages. In addition to the attraction quotient, these panels are extremely light in weight. They lend an air of elegance to the entire surrounding. These panels can make the building stand out amidst the other concrete buildings.

There are many kinds of aluminum composite panel designs in use in the construction industry. One of the most attractive among all these panels is the mirror aluminum composite panel. Let us see the advantages of these panels during the course of this article.

What is the mirror aluminum composite panel?

These composite panels consist of three layers with two layers of aluminum skin on the top and the bottom. In the middle we have the anti-toxic polyethylene material. The procedure for manufacture of these panels includes a chemical anodizing treatment of the two aluminum skins making it look smooth and shiny as a mirror.

The uses of the mirror aluminum composite panel:

These panels make for an excellent external facade to the commercial buildings. You can manufacture beautiful indoor furniture using these panels. They can look stunning, especially under the lights.

Advantages of using mirror aluminum composite panels:

  • The lightness of the aluminum is the biggest advantage. It is easy to transport them from one location to the other.
  • They are economical to use.
  • These aluminum panels are environmentally friendly.
  • The fire resistant qualities of these panels make it a popular choice among all other kinds of construction material.
  • The excellent finish makes for a beautiful sight.
  • They come in various colors and are perfect for the external facades.
  • When used as interior decoration they save power due to reflection of light.

Disadvantages of mirror aluminum composite panels:

  • These panels cannot withstand heavy tornadoes or hurricanes.

In conclusion, mirror aluminum composite panels has the same function of the real mirror but much lighter, stronger and more convenient than the real mirror material, with better features and lower price. It has become a new trend in construction industry.

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