What is Aluminum Composite Panel


What is Aluminum Composite Panel?

ACP was referred to aluminum composite panel. Aluminum composite panel was a light wall decoration materials which was formed by inside and outside the aluminum plate,low density polyethylene core layer and adhesive composite.

As a new type of building materials, aluminum composite panels are widely used in building facades decoration, signs, display panels, advertising boards, building partitions and interior wall decoration board etc.

Aluminum Composite Panel Market

The production of aluminum composite panels in China starts in the 1990s, it has made significant progress in the market awareness, yield, variety, technology, quality, standards, applications and other aspects after nearly 10 years of development.

Many countries in the world have imported ACP from China, such as Philippines,Malaysia, South Africa and middle east etc.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Become Booming Industry in China

According to the statistics, the annual output of aluminum composite panels increased by nearly 30% since 1998. By the end of 2002, the annual output of aluminum composite panels has exceeded 50 million square meters, the annual production value exceeds 10 billion RMB and has formed a certain scale of export capacity.

So the aluminum composite panel has been a booming industry in China. With the development of production process,equipment,management and application level, The aluminum composite board is becoming a new and important industry and received much attention by architectural decoration and other fields.

Now, China has become the world’s largest manufacturing and application center for aluminum composite panel,and even established the plastic composite materials association and aluminum composite material quality inspection center.

Aluminum Composite Panel

To sum up,the application and research of ACP provides a new vigor for China’s building decoration industry.

The performance of ACP will be continuously improved following the application of various advanced equipment and technology in the processing of aluminum composite panel,so as to better meet the demand of architectural decoration and make a significant contribution to environmental protection in the same time.

The Future of ACP Industry in China

It is not difficult to see the traces of aluminum composite panel in some new buildings. However, some quality problems appeared after the completion of the project, this made many building owners headache. The future of ACP industry development in China is highly related to the management of relevant government departments.

As a  leading department of ACP industry, the China building materials industry association assist the government to maintain the market order, safeguard the rights and interests of enterprises and act as a bridge  between government and enterprises.

This government department has contributed a lot to promote the healthy development of the building materials enterprises.

Aluminum Composite Panel

Name of Aluminum Composite Panel

The name of aluminum composite panel has many kinds abroad, some calls aluminum composite sheet, some call aluminum composite materials and many European countries call acp panel, acp panel are come from a trademark of ACP. There are not many enterprises producing aluminum composite abroad, but the production scale is usually very large.

Alusign Brand ACP Panel – We are Leading ACP Panel Manufacturer in China

Our brand “Alusign” was born in 2003. During 10 years, Alusign has been well adopted by customers from both at home and abroad.

We have built up great sales networks and service organizations in dozens of countries and areas around the world, such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, North America, South America, Africa, Europe and so on.

We have agents in many countries, like Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Libya, Mexico, Egypt, Tunis and so on. At the same time, we expect that more and more customers from different countries can choose Alusign as the sole distributor.

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