Aluminum Composite Panel Bending


Alusign is 16 years aluminum composite panel manufacturers in China.Aluminium composite panel may be one of the most popular materials in sign making, but cutting it isn’t always straightforward . The material itself is comprised of two layers of aluminium divided by a non-aluminium substance, such as a thin layer of resin. Cutting through all three without damaging the ends can prove to be a difficult task.

aluminum composite panel bending

Workable for a number of projects, aluminium composite panel can be used in everything from large road signs to small flat signs and even lettering. But while cutting it may appear straightforward, the process can often result in burred edges, uneven corners and mess.

It can be a particularly time-consuming undertaking if done by hand as well, taking about half an hour to cut through 2.5metres. Following article will talk about the all-in-one solution to cut aluminium composite panel.Aluminum composite panel manufacturers.

Keith, Managing Director of Zapkut (, aluminum composite panel manufactures vertical panel saws to cut acp panel. Used in conjunction with a router, this method makes light work of cutting even a fulllength, 3 metre Dibond sheet.

According to Keith, the router cutter protrudes from the base plate by the depth that you want to go into the composite,” he explains. “That base plate of the router presses against the surface of the material, so you’ve got that constancy of depth.

aluminum composite panel bending

This allows for very accurate machining – to within 0.1mm.” The router depth can be set very precisely using the twist dial arrangement, enabling sign makers to run the column along the sheet or across its width by moving either the column or the router head.

This enables the operative to handle sheets without assistance. A vertical panel saw is designed to cut across both the width and length of a sheet, and unlike other tools doesn’t apply force to the cut which can often result in rounded edges. This technology meets the demand for cutting aluminum-plastic panels.Aluminum composite panel manufacturers.

However, Some people will be curious about how to bend auminium composite panel. Aluminum composite panel can be made into a variety of shapes after bending, so that it can meet the demands of clients and decorator. In order to satisfied the curiosity of readers, we will introduce the methods of auminium composite panel bending below.

aluminum composite panel bending

Auminium composite panel manufacturers bending is possible with a bending press

  • The minimum required radius is r = 10 x t (t = panel thickness)
  • The spring-back effect of auminium composite panel is larger than that of a solid aluminium sheet
  • The die edges should be rounded and smooth
  • To prevent damage caused to the panel surface, the protective foil must not be removed during bending
  • Additionally, the visible surface can be protected by using plastic pads of 1 – 2 mm thickness
  • Ideal die width: 2 x t + 2 x protective foil thickness + punch diameter + 15 mm

For serial production, please make tests on sample panels.

Notes: When bending auminium composite panel with an anodised surface, the bent area is brighter.

aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel manufacturers. Because of the features of cutting and bending available,the aluminium composite panel has been widely applied for traffic sign, commercial sign, shop front cladding, visual architecture etc. The aluminium composite panel has the following advantages when it is used as a signage.

1.Smooth surface, square sheet, super rigidity

2, RAL color as optional, Hairline, glossy or matte optional

3, Digital, UV, Screen print, spray print complied.

4, Light and environment & recycle concern.

We are a professional auminium composite panel manufacturers, we have mastered the newest technology of auminium composite panel bending and cutting auminium composite panel.

We can shape the panel to many kinds, so we are also good at produce traffic sign, commercial sign, shop front cladding by using auminium composite panel. With over ten years’ efforts, our company has gained great development in producing aluminum composite panels.


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