Tips of Fireproof Acp Sheet Cleaning


Everyone knowing that fireproof acp sheet is very easy to clean, which is one of the basic characteristics of fireproof acp sheet. Fire-resistant aluminum composite panels are now also very popular in the decoration industry market.

fireproof aluminum composite material

However, different stains on the surface of the fire-resistant aluminum composite panel have different treatment methods. For some stubborn stains, they have their own treatment skills. If improperly handled, the surface of the board may be damaged or it may be removed. The following Alusign will introduce the treatment of some common stains on the fireproof acp sheet!

First, the dust.

Dust is the most common problem. If there is dust on the wall of the home decorated with fireproof acp sheet, you can use the feather duster or cloth to rub it directly. Dry and wet scrubbing can be done.

Second, the grease.

For oil or soup stains, as long as the stain is not too long on the surface of the Alusign fireproof acp panel, it can be cleaned directly with a napkin. If the time is too long, dilute the detergent, then scrub directly with a cloth dampening mixture to restore smoothness. The kitchen and bathroom, as well as the walls of the hall, are recommended to be smooth or embossed. The surface texture is not deep and easy to clean.

Third, the handwriting.

It is inevitable that there are children’s family furniture and notes on the wall. If it is a color pen, gel pen, pencil or the like, it can be erased directly with an eraser. If it is an oily marker, you can use alcohol on a cloth or paper towel. If there is no alcohol, the effect of taking the oil essence is good, and then it can be removed by repeated wiping. If it is a crayon, it can be scraped off with cardboard or rubber sheet. This can be done without damaging the surface.

Fourth, other stains.

If it is glued with glue, it can be scraped off with cardboard or rubber sheet, and then wiped with a damp cloth or rubber to effectively deal with general stains. If it is water stains in the bathroom, etc., just wipe it with a damp cloth.

Under normal circumstances, the fireproof acp sheet with good quality is very easy to clean, but it’s not easy to be damaged and scratched, and it is more durable. Therefore, when purchasing the fire-resistant aluminum composite panel, it is necessary to ensure its quality.

With the brand quality as the fulcrum of the industry, Alusign fireproof acp panel has received many high-end decoration project plate supply, which is deeply trusted and praised by customers.

The convenience of fireproof acp sheet installation

The acp sheet adopts a new technology to improve the peeling strength of the most important technical index of the panel to an excellent state, so that the flatness and weather resistance of its are correspondingly improved, which greatly promotes the development of acp sheet wholesale.

fireproof acp material

Fireproof aluminum plastic composite panel is a new type of fireproof safety material for high-grade wall decoration.

The fireproof aluminum composite panel has a weight of only 3.5-5.5 kg per square meter, so it can reduce the damage caused by the earthquake and is easy to handle. Its superior construction can be cut and planed with simple woodworking tools. And it can be curved into various shape and right angles can be combined with the designer to make various changes. Besides, the  installation is simple and quick, the construction cost can be reduced. In the core of the acp panel, there is flame-retardant material(PE), and the two sides are aluminum layer which is extremely hard to burn.

Therefore, the Alusign fireproof aluminum composite panel is also a kind of safety fireproof material, which conforms to the building code refractory material, so we can use Alusign aluminum composite panel products with confidence.