Tips for selecting the color of interior aluminum wall panels


The interior aluminum wall panels is applied with a metal wire drawing process to provide an aesthetic and anti-corrosion effect. This procedure makes the product both stylish and technological, and the appearance of the surface has a very strong metallic texture.

Comparable to stainless steel brushed stencil, the texture is clear, uniform, and stylish, giving us a strong visual impact.

acp panel panelIt has super temperature resistance, weather resistance, fire resistance, and is easy to clean. It is a new high-end decorative material popular in today’s fashion, especially suitable for high-grade office buildings, business hotels, integrated ceiling ceilings, interior wall decoration and high-end household appliances.

There are many types of Alusign interior aluminum wall panels, and there are many different patterns of tread plates. One of the more popular aluminum composite panels is the brushed aluminum composite panel.

Alusign interior aluminum wall panels product features:

(1) High-purity aluminum substrate, CNC precision machining;
(2) Processing of imported equipment and multiple processes;
(3) The appearance is fashionable and beautiful, and the use performance is superior.

Alusign interior aluminum wall panels recommended application range:

(1) Interior architectural decoration
(2) Exterior wall decoration
(3) Household appliance panel
(4) Signage, logo and other fields

Living room wall acp panel color selection skills

In addition to the most popular wood grain and stone face decoration, the solid color is also a very good choice. Alusign color brushed acp panel adopts 8-color printing equipment of leading industry, the surface color is bright and bright, the texture is high-grade, and the living room wall color is a key point of the living room decoration design.

Aluminum composite panel

Aluminium composite panels have a wide variety of colors

According to the style of the whole interior design, a suitable solid color aluminum is matched. The acp panel, which improves the overall aesthetics, is also a flavoring agent for home life. Comfortable colors can make the occupants feel more pleasant, so the choice of the color of the living room wall is also a key factor affecting the mood of the occupants.

1, the living room wall color red

The gorgeous red color is the main color of the color of the living room wall. Through the white furniture and the village, the two colors of the static and the moving are in sharp contrast, and the jumping color combination enhances the vitality of the whole living room. The living room carpet also naturally acts as an intermediate transition between the two shades of red and white.

2, living room wall color –turmeric

European-style living room design, compared with the consistent luxury atmosphere, this design can make people feel a sense of intimacy and warmth. The color of the ginger-colored living room wall is softly matched with the color of the white ceiling. The rich ink painting breaks the monotony and calmness of the wall, and the simple pattern on the pillow can best convey a feeling of happiness.

3, living room wall color – white

The modern minimalist living room design, the single white looks a bit dazzling, the pure and elegant space decoration and the modern urban life also won the love of young friends. The creative design of the wall and the stylish sofa, the beautiful small table lamp and the coffee table, the rich space elements play an important role in the whole living room.

4, the living room wall color – pink

Pink is a romantic endorsement, warm and sweet colors are the color of many girls’ favorite, pink and graceful, very suitable for warm winter decoration. Vibrant and warm colors can be an active atmosphere, and its feminine and petite features add romance and elegance to the white living room.