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fireproof acp material

Fireproof aluminum plastic composite panel is a new type of fireproof safety material for high-grade wall decoration.


Fireproof plastic aluminum composite panel (hereinafter referred to as fireproof aluminum composite panel) is a new type of fireproof safety material for high-grade wall decoration. It is a new type of metal plastic composite material which is made by coating aluminum plate and special flame-retardant modified polyethylene plastic core material by polymer bonding film (or hot melt adhesive) by hot pressing. Due to its elegant appearance, beautiful appearance, fireproof and environmental protection, and convenient construction, it is considered to be a promising new high-end decorative material for modern curtain wall decoration. Mainly used in airports, stations, subways, stadiums, shopping malls, office buildings, high-end cultural and entertainment centers and other public places.

Performance characteristics of fireproof plastic aluminum composite panels


Fireproof aluminum plastic composite panel

Fireproof aluminum plastic composite panel


1.It has excellent fire-retardant and flame-retardant properties and can be stably tested by the national mandatory standard GB8624 “Classification Method for Combustion Performance of Building Materials”. Its combustion performance is not lower than B1

2.Excellent peel strength, good mechanical properties, meet the national standard requirements of GB/T17748 “aluminum plastic composite panel”

3.The core material process has strong adaptability and hardly changes the extrusion processing conditions of ordinary aluminum plastic composite panels, and can meet the technical route requirements of different aluminum plastic panel manufacturing processes at home and abroad;

4.The core material has excellent thermal aging and can withstand high and low temperature -40 ° C ~ +80 ° C cycle 20 times, no change

5.The flame retardant contained in the core material has good stability, does not migrate and precipitate, has good weather resistance, overcomes the defect that the general halogen flame retardant is not resistant to ultraviolet light, and is very suitable for indoor and outdoor architectural decoration.

6.The core material is white or light gray, and can be configured in various other colors.

7.The core material is environmentally friendly flame-retardant cleaning material, halogen-free and low-smoke, extremely difficult to burn, and the amount of smoke is very small when burning, no corrosive gas and black smoke are generated, and pollution-free, in line with the national green environmental protection requirements for building materials

Fireproof aluminum composite panel performance and fireproof grade

certificate of alusign

plastic In China, the burning method of building materials burning performance is carried out in accordance with the national standard GB8624-97 “Building Materials Combustion Performance Grading Method”. Generally, the burning performance of building materials is divided into four grades, as shown in Table 1, which is equivalent to the German industrial standard. DIN4102 Part 1. Table 2 shows the current foreign fire classification of materials.

Sheet 1 -Classification of combustion performance of Chinese building materials




Non-combustible building materials


Flame retardant building materials


Combustible building materials

Sheet 2  – Classification of fire protection of building materials abroad


Classification of fire rating of materials


Grade A (A1,A2),Grade B (B1,B2,B3)
United Kingdom

Non-combustible,Combustible (0,1,2,3,4)

United States

Non-combustible,Combustible (A,B,C)




All in all, fireproof aluminum composite panels are divided into many grades. The higher the grade, the better the fire resistance.At present, the quality of fireproof plastic aluminum composite panels on the market is uneven, and the price is also very different. Buyers must distinguish the types and grades of fireproof plastic composite panels when purchasing aluminum plastic composite panels.


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