How to identify fireproof aluminum composite panel?


fireproof aluminum composite material

Fireproof aluminum composite panel


Fireproof aluminum composite panel refers to a composite panel with inorganic material as the core layer and aluminum on both sides, and the surface of the product is coated with a coating or a thin mold as the decorative surface of the product.

At present, there are three types of “fireproof” aluminum composite panels that appear on the market:

1.Environmentally friendly halogen-free flame retardant polyethylene Fireproof ACP

fireproof acp panel


This kind of fireproof aluminum composite panel has excellent flame retardancy and can be stably passed the test of the national mandatory standard GB8624-1997 “Combustion performance classification method of building materials”, and its combustion performance is not lower than that of B1 grade fireproof aluminum composite panel.The core material adopts environmentally-friendly halogen-free flame-retardant polyethylene special material. After special patented technology and high-efficiency plasticizing and mixing process, the oxygen index is generally not less than 30%.

In the event of a fire, its flame-retardant core material is very slow in burning, and does not produce thick black smoke and toxic gases, a slight amount of smoke, no irritating odor, no melt dripping, no environmental damage.This will give the fire scene personnel sufficient escape time and will not suffocate and die as a result of inhaling a large amount of toxic gases.In appearance, due to the large amount of activated inorganic composite flame retardant, the core cross section and the peeling surface are generally in white.

2.Halogen-containing flame retardant core fireproof ACP

The core material refers to a flame retardant type which is prepared by adding a halogen-containing polymer or a halogen flame retardant to a waste polyethylene recycled material (recycled plastic), and is combined with a toxic hydrazine compound by a simple physical mixing method. Plastics, the oxygen index is generally less than 27%.

In the event of a fire, a large amount of toxic carbon monoxide and highly corrosive hydrogen halide flue gas are easily generated due to pyrolysis and combustion, accompanied by a strong pungent odor, and severe melt dripping occurs.The combustion performance of the aluminum-plastic panel prepared by the same cannot be stably passed the B1 level inspection of the National Mandatory Standard GB8624-1997 “Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials”.

Due to the secondary pollution to the environment, it is not conducive to the environmental protection requirements of today’s building materials, and is restricted to use at home and abroad.In particular, there are many restrictions on the content of toxic substances such as heavy metals and polybrominated diphenyl ethers in plastic products in developed countries such as Europe and the United States, so that such materials do not meet export standards. The peeling surface and the core material are generally dark gray or dark grayish white.


fireproof acp panel panel

the difference of fireproof aluminum composite panel

3.Polyethylene recycled material fireproof ACP

It refers to the use of titanium dioxide to color the polyethylene regrind into white, a large amount of calcium carbonate filler, and almost no fire-retardant function of the ordinary aluminum-plastic panel posing as a fire-resistant aluminum composite panel. The peeling surface and the cross section of the core material are white or dark grayish white.

The misunderstanding of fire-resistant aluminum-plastic composite panels is mainly reflected in the unclear understanding of the national standard GB8624-97 “Building Materials Combustion Performance Grading Method”, and also the “flame retardant of plastics” and the burning of “building composite materials”. Confusion of performance fire rating.

As a kind of building composite decoration material composed of metal and plastic, aluminum-plastic panel is judged whether it meets the GB8624-97 standard B1 grade or A-grade fireproof aluminum composite panel.Under the current circumstances, the correct way is to select the products of professional manufacturers with brand reputation, or send them to the national authoritative testing center for testing and grading.

acm metal panels

Through the above analysis, it can be seen that the real fire-resistant aluminum-plastic panel should be a high-grade building decoration material with fireproof and environmental protection functions, which should conform to the research and development direction of international building decoration materials, as well as fire safety, non-toxic and pollution-free. Health requirements for development.

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