Cleaning and Maintenance of Composite Sheet Material


Aluminum composite sheet material is a new type of decorative material with a series of excellent properties. It was widely used in the fields of curtain wall, interior and exterior decoration, and opened up a new world of contemporary architectural decoration.

The so-called aluminum composite sheet refers to a composite material made of aluminum and plastic. Specifically, the aluminum plate and the plastic core material are bonded and composited by a special adhesive under certain process conditions. In practice, it generally paints on the aluminum sheets which are used as a front and back, and then composite with a plastic core material. The front panel is typically coated with a decorative coating and the back panel is coated with a protective coating. Regarding the structure of the aluminium composite material, it is generally a sandwich structure, which is a comparative figure of speech. A layer of plastic core material is sandwiched between two aluminum sheets. In fact, the structure of the acp sheet is much more complicated.

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The baking finish of aluminium composite sheet requires regular professional cleaning and maintenance. This kind of cleaning is not only to keep the wall of the building clean and beautiful, but to remove the dirt that is damaged to the surface paint to ensure the long-term quality of the paint. Cleaning of the building wall should be carried out from top to bottom with manual or appropriate cleaning equipment. Do not use any corrosive items to scrub the painted surface. The specific cleaning steps are as follows:

(1) Rinse the surface of the board with plenty of water.

(2) Gently wipe the board surface with a soft cloth dampened with water-diluted detergent.

(3) Rinse the board with plenty of water to wash away the dirt.

(4) Check the board surface, use detergent to clean the area where it is not cleaned.

(5) Wash the board surface with clean water until the detergent is completely washed away. Do not clean the hot board surface when cleaning the aluminum composite board (temperature is above 40), because the excessive evaporation of moisture is harmful to the board surface paint. It is important to note that appropriate detergents should be used. A basic principle is to select detergents. Do not use strong alkaline detergents (such as sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide or sodium carbonate), strong acid detergent corrosive detergents, and paint-soluble detergents. In addition, before cleaning in a large area, it is best to select a small board for testing, and then officially start after confirming safety.

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