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aluminum composite cladding

Aluminum composite panel is luxurious, colorful and decorative, with good smoothness

1.Classification of acp cladding

If the aluminum composite panel is divided according to the application, it can be divided into two types, exterior and interior. According to the material, it can be divided into fireproof core and general core.Nowadays, most of the acp cladding sold on the market are acp cladding of common core materials.

fireproof acp panels

Aluminum composite panel can be divided into fireproof core and general core

2. ACP cladding specification

  • standard size: 1220*2440mm
  • Panel thickness: 0.05-0.5mm
  • Aluminum thickness: 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm
  • Panel width: 1000mm, 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm, 1575mm, 2000mm
  • Panel length: Maximum 6000mm, can customized as customers requirements

3. ACP Cladding characteristics

Aluminum composite panel is luxurious, colorful and decorative, with good smoothness, light weight, high strength, heat insulation and sound insulation.

It has strong impact resistance, good plasticity and easy processing.

It has strong corrosion resistance, good weather resistance, easy cleaning and maintenance, and high waterproof and fire resistance.

However, the surface of the acp cladding is not wear-resistant, and care must be taken not to wear to the surface.

4. Application of ACP claddding

  • Building exterior wall, curtain wall decoration, renovation of old buildings.
    storefront, hotel, KTV decoration, signs, adversting boards, etc.
  • ceiling, indoor compartment, bathroom, as well as interior decoration of vehicles and ships.
  • showcase, bar, furniture, cabinet, booth, telephone booth, picture frame decoration, etc.
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Aluminum Composite Panel
aluminum composite panel
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5. ACP Cladding manufacturer — ALUSIGN

All the aluminum coils, ACP Cladding are introduced from the famous companies and with our strict quality control during manufacturing, we can guarantee customers the best products with reasonable prices.

Aluminum Composite Panel Process

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